Powerful beacon of phosphoric light
Light up the Milky Way and govern
And half past seven nebulae Rigesa
Filled worlds and humanities! ...

World joys and divine light
Where the night or the pain fit!
Where they settle the truth and justice
And the Father who knows the secret ...

World leading in space
Many worlds and humanities
That twinkle and shine bright and topaz which
And shine the light of your torrents! ...

World full of charm and sweetness
You're the star nebulae generator
And in you dwells at Plano First
Illuminated with wisdom and light your own! ...

World to serve seating
A Messiah Apostles and Prophets
When they can idle their lides
Or looking at their plans and take action! ...

World to be the worlds file
That frees them to justice;
Unknown dumb you and I believe
The worlds living in malice! ...

World Earth that the light came
And the Sun of the Suns took matters
And to the mandate received Jesus
And the judge, sentencing, also won! ...

Why the crazy ignorance and delusion
He called on his mistake the star Sirius? ...
Does your name from the great Zion
Do not put it on a hill by betrayal? ...

Witness is Mount in Jerusalem
That the August name heard Earth
But since Sirius is in Zerubbabel
And there is the great glittering Zion

Said very little science Sirius
Because the prejudices of religion
And his great malice and false principle
He said "Star Sirius" instead of Zion.

But from now the Earth has to meet
And know that you are generating
Of the Milky Way and worlds and beings
And a center of the Father, this is Zion.

Save silver star
Magical world of joy and light
Until yesterday you were ignored
And the fault are the Christ and the cross.

Hail blessed Zion
For the great cosmogony,
Convinced the earth says hello
That you get wisdom.

Save first child Zion
Father's at the first
Your women are a hundred children
And you're the center of missionaries.

That night there
There is wisdom
That Jesus and Mary rest
And on to the said land
Love your brother as yourself,
Worship the Father in spirit and truth
Sinai and bears witness to this fact;
More who said it? The Spirit of Truth.

This one came to Earth
In our age of iron
He has led the way
Clear and accurate,
With a divine principle.
What takes the whole world
If the soul loses its course?

And Zion is Master
Land which he said:
I know because our port Zion
And bless these thy children.

Author: Joaquín Trincado
Music and arrangement: Félix Hernández Santiago
and José Luis Alcázar Herrera
Voice: Rafael Méndez Vargas.