Heaven and Earth Sing
And shaking the sky
Tempered instruments
To incite love.

Descend to us
The aura of Zion
And swift love
Burning sing
Hymns of admiration.

The mountains and valleys
The seas and rivers
Trails and paths
Ants and Elephants
The winds and birds
And all that lives
And the plant kingdom
And the mineral that serves
Aid to mortals
Serving immortal
Sing hymns, sing
To God on high
Who created creature
Of such great majesty,
That the sun shines
It is hardly gloom
And the great nebula
Just a thing
With its magnificence,
Because science is more
Light and Wisdom
In this great creature
Living in the unit
And it confirms Eloi
Spirit of Truth.

If you sing your triumphs as a man outside
Earth would be small book.
But to sing the laws that you would give
And the triumphs of Rome will be the draft.
What about your love and science could sing?
Not being wise in love, is vain attempt:
But he sang the cosmogony
And with it, the man asks for your encouragement,

Reside in Zion is light
Father tank your deal:
Seat gave him the great Jesus
And the messiah of all parties.
Crosses the heavens and Father arrive
With the present of your brothers
That change their sorrows into joy
If love is the command invoked.

You are the beacon of bright light
With that lights the first level:
You are a powerful force
Implementing Supreme Court.

You are the Messiah who saves
And regenerate all worlds
And they point out the new day
In law of love, hate killing.

Well, you gave birth Earth
And save their messiah
We pray with Jesus
For the Love of Mary
Your love, your wisdom
And your encouragement and blessing
To get with you to the Father
Victor's palm.

Author: Joaquín Trincado
Music and arrengement: Félix Hernández Santiago
and José Luis Alcázar Herrera.
Voice: Rafael Méndez Vargas.