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A.- Atril’s proposal
I.- Spiritual knowledge
I.1.- Magnetic- Spiritual School of the Universal Commune
I.2.- Atlantis existed
I.3.- Planet T’s end
I.4.- The Earth fattens, Slimline land.
II.- Scientific knowledge
II.A.- World Earth’s characteristics
II.B.- Physic Geology
II.C.- National Seismologic Service
II.D.- The world Earth goes to Hercules constellation
II.E.- Moon’s characteristics
II.F.- The man obeys law and prepares his shroud; accelerating second moon’s birth
II.G.- Recent periodistic news
II.H.- Recommended movies

A.- Stand Group Proposal, based on:

I. - The Spiritual Wisdom contained in the books of Joaquin Trincado, Don Modesto Martínez Casanova and Master of Science and Industrial Engineering Jaimes Guillermo Gonzalez Soto.

II- The scientific knowledge contained in various sources researched.

PROPOSING to the global research community in all branches of knowledge, THAT WITHOUT PREJUDICE scientific, social, moral, religious or other opinion, WHETHER OR CONTESTED REINFORCED WITH SOLID AND SCIENTIFIC ARGUMENTS, THE CLAIM OF THIS CENTURY, most that as mankind WITNESSED THE BIRTH OF THE SECOND MOON OF OUR PLANET EARTH.

Before the event in this century will witness the birth of the second moon of our planet earth with global implications that entails, IS OFFERED to all our brothers of Planet Earth, ask world governments and societies in general, to direct immediately all its human, financial and technical materials, into NEW TERRITORY WITHOUT BORDERS, MORE LIKELY PAGING AREAS OF SURVIVAL FOR HUMANITY.

In stark language, plain, accurate, concise and conversational must consider:

1.- If we represent our planet with a balloon that fills a room 4x4x4 feet, the rubber balloon would represent: the continental crust and the bed of the sea, with an average of 70 miles wide

2.- In the bed of the sea ocean trenches are located around the world, including the Mariana Trench at a depth of 11.034 meters in which shears easily the world's largest mountain, Mount Everest with 8.848 meters. And in the continental crust found the "continental mass" as the Rift Valley with a length of 4.830 kilometers and width of 160 kilometers, within which are located on Lake Tanganyika, Lake Tiberias, the Gulf of Aqaba and Gulf of Aden, Red Sea and Jordan River.

3.- That the planet earth with its tectonic plates, the wedges can be represented as a soccer ball and through the seams that join, the telluric energy flows southbound north and north-south along the lines isosísmicas pyramid, the As the water follows a channel forming rivers on the continents and ocean currents in the seas, as well as the air follows a path a direction forming the trade winds, monsoons, typhoons, hurricanes, tornadoes, etc., and so does the fire is directed from the hotter to colder.

4.- There exists a direct relationship of the tectonic movements that cause earthquakes and volcanic activity.

5.- As 80% of the energy produced by earthquakes are located around the Pacific Ocean, we could be represented as a circle, in which two stepped known as firecrackers rockets in the direction of the center of the earth and power output into the atmosphere would smoke, gases, fumaroles, lava, etc., which comes from volcanoes, which added to the possible fall of a meteorite, which act like a cannon shot would be part of the heavy elements that have accumulated physical law to the center of the earth.

6.- As 15% of the energy produced by earthquakes are located in a swath from Burma, the Himalayas, Iran and the Alps in Europe, could be represented by a line that would open like a vagina, to remove the second moon Planet Earth as cannonball.

7.- Historically known that the greatest human bloodshed, there has been and continues to in Europe, Middle East and western Asia, second and first world wars, empires expansion, crusades, holy wars, use of scientific advances to avoid procreation. Etc., should be cleaned with water and fire those parts of the earth, without being limited to this portion as the loud thunder will be felt across the world will sink large parts of the present continents and new ones emerge, free from the wickedness of man.

8.- The positive pole of the planet's south pole where electromagnetic energy is received, and the negative pole is the northern hemisphere where the power goes out and has the largest amount of slag produced by human labor, where there are more humanity, because there is more habitable and cultivable land.

9.- The planet Earth travels at a speed of 20,000 kilometers per second of time, streamlining the contact of the ether, which is the eternal thought of the Creator, and alone, and is moved by the spirit of man.

10.- The disappearance of continents such as Lemuria and Atlantis, it was by floods, but by subsidence of the continents, for example if you sunk the Mexican Republic to 50% of the mariana trench that is deeper than currently would sink to about 5.500 meters and our capital city of Mexico is at a maximum altitude of 2.400 meters, would be 3.100 meters of sea water on our capital city and the highest mountain in our country, the peak of Orizaba with 5743 m, 243 m would only altitude.

11.- To date, mathematical models based on accepting the one that says that shortly after Earth was formed, a planetesimal of size comparable to that of Mars collided with Earth, literally tearing the surface layer, rich in elements low density.


Master Joaquín Trincado, founder of the "EMECU" School Magnetic Universal Spiritual Commune, in his books that make up the great fourteen, with respect to this issue in a nutshell says to us:

WHAT: Our planet Earth is in the final moments of delivery, for the birth of the second moon.

AS: with the star or stone ceiling to ground, the internal forces of the planet and the participation of free spirits and bumps.

WHEN: As soon witness what most men and women currently embodied, just as the master spirit of this world, receive the order to operate the machinery ready

WHERE: you will feel and hear the entire planet earth, more in those places seeking purified by fire and water, because nature is sick of corporate life is destroyed so many millions of human beings who worked so hard prepare her elements into your body and soul.

WHY: because it is fair and reasonable man and wants to fill continuous light, housing, streets and fields, clean your house requires the slag measured and weighed to the righteous law, leaving the kiln, clutter and need to throw them out, leaving the land and carried by the law of gravity, standing in the space to where the magnetic force of his mother earth, the rule and drag to reflect sunlight when removed from one hemisphere, these slag will be our second moon.

Furthermore, because today, men who some may think, know that the world can not fix it, but changing everything.

If mankind fulfill its duty, therefore we would be civilized and wise, not ignore and we would know all this and the following:

1.- On April 5, 1912, the trial was held majority or final trial, the humanity of this planet is not the end of the world.

2.- Seismic disasters, climatic, atmospheric, volcanic, economic, endemic, political, crime, science, technology, etc., All of which are effects that the spirit countermarch the machine gave the error, just the extent that the planet earth was to get out of orbit in the year 1913 for lack of deeds of men, which did not happen because the resistance is balanced soul of the planet, injecting new energy, observed from that year to the current level increased geological geometric several times in the two hemispheres of the earth.

3.- The energy is sufficient for a period of transition from the majority view, represented by 3 generations of 30 years each, and the passage of the same, the disasters will lead to the great thunder to be heard and affect the entire planet at birth the second moon.

4.- This does not cause fear, but if pain if all the people we knew and what we expected, but not only are ignorant and unaware, but many of us consciously accelerate the march of events in our thoughts, words, actions and omissions, such as supremacy, fear, hatred, brutality, war, the diversion of sex, drugs, the use of art, science and technology for destruction and power of man, etc., for which no can be remedied in the material that is irreversible.

5.- The first moon and the conception of man on our planet earth was 44,999,258 centuries ago, by the power of the master spirit of this world, who called the law to make the maximum event that germ swelling quake that the sun came out and acts involved in this frame and broke the shell wrapped in it all beings on earth, liquid and air, reserving some pairs of all species of animal wildlife, and water covered everything, man was conceived, with the essences of all animal bodies and all the souls of all species, and there was silence, leaving the ground and taken by the law of gravity a piece measured and weighed to the righteous law, standing in the space to where the magnetic force of his mother earth, subdue it and drag to reflect sunlight when removed from one hemisphere, this is our moon, an eyewitness to the history of mankind.

6.- In this century the man, prepares for the great event the full establishment of the Commune of Law and Love, for which clean your house requires the slag measured and weighed to the righteous law (and drag drop a star that one-third of the land ..., John in the Revelation) one third the weight of the earth, leaving the kiln, clog and need to throw them out, picking them off the planet earth and leading them by the law of gravity, space to where the magnetic force of his mother earth, the rule and drag to reflect sunlight when removed from one hemisphere, this will be our second moon with his sister's first moon light continues to give material and spiritual in all corners of the planet and our consciousness. And the earth will be renewed, Elijah.

7.- The land has to make the same effort to throw it just right, math and geography, his second son and science may, on the wobble beódico to be lead the effort. In vain will choose this or that degree, this or that region, it is wise to abide by and enter into the law, before that moment, nobody specify.

8.- In what ways will the planet earth? At what elevation will have risen Ether? What and how many will be new lands to be discovered? What area and how much land we have today, will be enveloped by the water displaced by land amounting? Who will?, Anyone can tell, you only know his work and its quality and quantity, were sentenced in a final self There is no mystery, no! But the Justice so shut up and just say to all: "Be as prepared now would have to be judged by the Law of Liberty." And will be new heavens, new lands and new Sun, Isaiah.

9.- When will the anxiety, uncertainty and agony? Just within this century.

10.- And yet remain on earth one third of the world population to perpetuate the creation, if these dates occurred in December 2008 would be about 2,300,000,000 inhabitants, two thirds of humanity will succumb, some 4,600,000,000 people.

11.- The Act makes men will prepare everything you need and prepare it: to the shroud and if the man does not want war, to remove from it the causes of war.

12.- As for the pain only dominate the instincts, the conflicts and passions, undergoes transformation, regeneration and modification of the earth, insomuch as it is currently unknown, as it will sink continents and born others, While parts of the world will be purified by fire and water.

13.- In the impotence knees acknowledging our error and implore the Father the opportunity of correcting the errors, and that forgiveness does not exist in law, because it would be injustice to amend the first mistake will be to recognize as brothers all inhabitants of this planet, as children of one Father, and established the Commune of Law and Love, to be in complete harmony with our fellow inhabitants of the solar system planets and nebulae half past seven that make up the first plane to belong.

14.- The basis for considering that the first moon of the planet earth is born and second born world moon earth is because they must apply the great pedant double triangle or star Jacob (used by Solomon as a seal) l, which means magic and Kabbalistic says exactly: "what's up down there" or "what is below is true reflection of what is above" ..., and the laws of analogy. Just as a child born of his mother and planets are born from its sun, the moons of the planets are born.

The information is located among other books, Looking for God and Love Seat Of God (Chapter fourteenth paragraph V Whither? And Chapter fifteen, paragraph V, logical thinking), The Ends Touch (points 37, 38, 64 , 71, 72, 217, 218, 247, 248, 580 to 592, 881 to 905), Know Yourself (Chapter II, Paragraph V, Item Two, The Nature Spirits, Chapter IV, Item Three, The World In Your First Who Gave Birth In The Moon, to the Appearance of Man, Chapter V, Paragraph VI, All the world's continents are not the same time) Strosmayer Bishop Brochure (pages 1, 41 and 53), Prophylaxis of Life ( Preface paragraph V), The Five Loves (The national love is more perfect than the regional love, Love conscious national education, laws of analogy), Spiritism in his Seat (Premise). Some of these books can be viewed at

Don Modesto Martínez Casanova in his book "Atlantis existed," published by Editorial Esenios 1964, states:

A. - PART SIX, the sinking of Atlantis:

CHAPTER XXXI, Atlantean Data Destruction:

"The wise writer W. Scoott Elliot, in his documentary work "Atlantis", says: "The destruction of Atlantis was conducted through a series of cyclical shocks land, whose character ranged from the great cataclysms which killed entire populations, to subsidence relatively unimportant land, and equal to those now occurring in American shores. ...

"There were four disasters (fourth (sic) floods) higher than the others in intensity: the first was in the Miocene, make something of 850,000 years and left three large islands, which are: Rutha, Daytia and Poseidonis. "That was the sinking of the great continent of Atlantis. "The second catastrophe minor thing will happen 260,000 years. The third thing made catastrophe happened 80,000 years and was great because it destroyed all that remained of the Atlantean continent, except the island of Poseidon.

"And the fourth catastrophe came to engulf the island of Atlantín, or Poseidon, 9,564 in the year before the Christian era. This is what was called The Flood, in Genesis, Esdras-Moisés, Berosio-Sanchoniathons, etc. "This is the island that was the size of Europe, or Australia today, and was destroyed in the short term time of 24 hours, so fast and catastrophic, as they have not been more than a few islands such as the Azores, Madeira, Canaries, Cape Verde and more. ...

The reasons for their disappearance were wrapped in the guise of legend, we must disclose: "For a continent disappear, you just have to be a slight disruption in the movement of the Earth"

CHAPTER XXXIII, Folding of the Earth's Crust:

"Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, etc., Which occur frequently in the mountainous regions surrounding the Pacific Ocean, show that the forces are always in altering the earth's crust movement, continues to adamantly task. ...

Believe that the world we stand was, is and will be the same yesterday today and tomorrow, is child thing, concept or prejudice which separate them immediately, having the use of reason.

Geologists, however, now admit that the crust has experienced four folding increasingly southern one another; ... So, as we see, there has been nothing more variable in the succession of time that what we call distribution of continents and seas on the surface of the globe we inhabit.

The continents we see today separated by the sea surface, are attached at the bottom of the water.

B. – PART FOUR, The Lost Continent of MU, CHAPTER XII, Lemuria: It was the Cradle of Humankind:

"The land of Mu, was the legendary continent that existed in the Pacific Ocean, located between Asia and America, even as they are today .... The continent of Mu was a great civilizing power and truth that next to it, if we wish to compare, be pale reflections of the civilizations of Greece, Egypt, Carthage and Rome.

Keep in mind that if our ancestral grandparents, they created several colonies around the world, as it was solidifying, or able to be populated, and gave us all their knowledge about the culture and civilization of nations that happened. ...

The continent of Mu was also called Land of Peace, and now we call Lemuria, with little substance, just because lemurs found in some Pacific islands, but its old name was: Ariana.

The fate of the continent of Ariana be changed timely, wise teachers tell us, and still claim that is being changed wantonly, or preparing the change, but to make it effective, the islands that make up Japan, the Baja California Peninsula, are being undermined and the rock to its foundations.

When you come to this phenomenon will occur a new continent, which has to be located in the Pacific, north, between today's China and Mexico today.

PART FIVE, The Great Empire of Atlantis, CHAPTER XXVIII, the old myth of Mount Atlas.

"The myths contain some hidden, that something is what makes us men always puzzled scholars, but with a pleasant taste, ie, that satisfies the spirit of intellectual enjoyment. ...

The Myth of Atlas is, however, easy to understand allegory. Mount Atlas is a symbol of the allegory that exists in the sacred texts of all countries, in the Greek classics and even what we see in current dictionaries of the civilized world. ...

Atlas is saying, in his secret location, the Lemuria was destroyed by the fires submarines, as well as Atlantis was submerged by ocean waves. This is the esoteric teachings of our ancestors.

The apostle Paul speaks of the earth "protruding from the water and the water" so the world that then was, being flooded by water perished, "but now is reserved for fire" (II. 3. 5-7 ) ...

Because in their well understood: Atlas is Atlantis, and is the same as holding on "shoulder" to new continents and their horizons.

The Greek statue of Atlas can not speak and clearer. Atlantis existed and is now submerged and "holding" all the present continents. ...

Atlas and Pico de Tenerife, two continents remains dwarfed submerged. Atlas and Pico de Tenerife were once three times higher in times of Lemuria and two times higher in times of Atlantis. That's why the Libyans to these mountains were called "The Pillars of the Sky" as Herodotus tells us, the so-called father of history. ...

The Old and New Worlds are brothers, the nations of Europe and Western Hemisphere, are daughters of one mother: Atlantis. "

In addition to the above include the:

PART FIRTS, Understanding the Universe and Earth, CHAPTER I, The Mystery of Creation:

"The universe and the world we live in seem empty, but in reality they are not, nor can they be, there is" something "that the ancient philosophers called the" hyle ", the" hylozoísmo. "

At first sight we say that inside an atom seems this sparsely populated area, and appreciate with our eyes that interstellar space.

But eyes deceive; the mirage the mirage is an optical phenomenon.

The great masters of old taught that "nothing is void in the cosmos," that "everything is full of subtle matter, invisible to the naked eye, but there are spiritual fulfillment in everything and in all bodies created." ...

To summarize: what we call anything, is the spiritual seed that fertilizes everything, because all-pervasive: the spirit.

PART SECOND, The Great Genesis of Humanity, CHAPTER VI, formation of Man

"We affirm that the ancient sages," the man born a man on the face of the earth. " Tell us the scriptures as the Popol Vuh, the Chilam Balam, Pymander, the breaks of Dzyan, etc.

We say that and more, we are told of the origins of lemurs on the face of the earth, have managed to keep secret that the ancient sages godly not to suggest again the "animals among human beings" which is not only have we seen practice in Rome, but also elsewhere.

PART THREE, The Language of Cartography, CHAPTER IX, The Map Number One: Ancient, CHAPTER X, The Map Number Two: Ancient, CHAPTER XI, The Map Number Three: Old:

"The maps we present in this chapter of the book, is due to the wise lamas in Tibet that led to San Jose, California and were delivered to the leaders of Sodom: maps and manuscripts that served as the study and dissemination of magazines and books, one of them is the wise geologist W. L. Cervo, who ordered and comment effectively on your wonderful book and documentary "Lemuria, the Pacific Hemisphere."

Master in Science & Engineering Guillermo Jaimes González Soto (UINIC Z'EK BALAM), in his book "the end of Planet T" published by Publisher and Distributor Yug, S. A., First Edition 1984, states:


"Coming into the Myth and Reality about the pyramids means to penetrate the deep roots of the origin of life, to understand why the primal energy pyramidal ...

He who dares to establish the first concept is a madman, a visionary Jules Verne, or is tortured as Galileo, although the earth still moves. And where is classified who dared to tell the people of Atlantis that it would disappear ?....¿ And what can be said of the speaker of the disappearance of T among the Maya world and writes in the codices for the "new humanity" is ready when you repeat this event ....?

If the visionary, the scientist or the ordinary man talks about ufos is in danger of being ridiculed by all his fellows, but if the building constructed as a pyramid and changes its appearance (physique), his way of life of thinking and doing ... It is so crazy! But even if you are having. The only undeniable truth is a word that is heard, that looks and feels ... The earth is shaking!

That is why the Mayan people say irrefutable MEN, which Cree, and creates and which no doubt ago, the secret is in the word and to enter it is necessary to penetrate the source of human sound and life through the word itself. MEN is a contraction of the Mayan word mehen, which means Man, Son ... And he says "And God created man in the image and likeness of himself" and the man asks: "And he who begets a son in his image similarity? ... Is it man or God? ...


The destruction of Atlantis as the story is contained in the 24 letters of the alphabet and the Greek Maya read using yoga breathing mechanism Mayan Aztec Mixtec-Zapotec expressed to us vividly how the cataclysm occurred. To achieve this, place the tongue on the soft palate to suck air and lower the tip rests on the teeth as you exhale while you read each one of the "7" rows that make up this fantastic tale.

1- Ha (ja) Be Kam-ma alpha beta gamma Wherever water mud and opened a path that roared like the wind, it was Mother Earth.

2- Tel, Eu-zilonom, Ze-ta, Et-ha (ha) delta epsilon eta and was there as flow (women), to the depths, in a whirlwind, all the water like a knife cut.

3- The-theta, Io-ta i, Kapa K, Lam Be kappa lambda iota eta tat thing was sad to see that everything that lived and had life-earth, mud and water-sediment sank like a crack .

4- Mu, Ni, Xi, Om-ik-mu on one xi Omikron And Mother Earth increased prominence that appeared in the swirl and rose by a circular wind like a kite tail. 5- Pi La-ho (ho) if-ik-ma pi rho sigma Little by little it was piling up the material coming out, until he came a cold wind swept the Mother Earth.

6- Tau, U-pa-zi-on Phi Phi tau upsilon And where the gap had let the underground materials had been only mud, and molten lead.

7- Chi, Pe-zi-ka Omec chi psi omega A mouth like foam seething energy and let out steam, where there had swallowed the whirlpool sediment.

This event occurred in the year 11056 BC, as recorded in the Codex Borgia, ....

The end of the world by the four Bacabs T (page 62).

Speaking of the end of the planet Bacabs T by the four referred to the action of the four elements that were expressed, as now, slowly and inexorably every day: the wind swept plains, mountains, and wailed in ravines, the rain increased in time and intensity, pouring rain, landslides occurred that some people buried because the hills are broken off, increased environmental temperature and melting occurred, which increased sea levels and inundated towns and cities ... ( 1983, 1984, 1985) ...

Maya relationship with UFOs (page 69).

T the end of the planet is not fortuitous, and in the depths of the Mayan legends, on stelae, is the answer to how one shot out of a planet that was beyond the orbit of Mars and traveled to the Sun, passing near the Earth's orbit and causing the Flood, this part called Ixtlacoliuhqui or traveler Venus was once a portion of the planet where the Maya, carrying out mining at great depths, causing the split of the same; the area formed part of the asteroids and the other came off as Ixtlacoliuhqui (Plate 1).

The existence of the Maya as world travelers occupying the planet T (later known as the Earth), its satellite, the Moon, Mars and the planet of Ixtlacoliuhqui, is consistent when talking about the existence of pyramids on Earth, known by all, and the planet Mars and the Moon, recorded by NASA and the probable relationship of our ancestors, the Mayans with UFOs, when their ships come from inside the Earth through the poles and some holes and volcanoes he speaks of them as responsible for the presence of strong vibration electromagnetic fields, capable of breaking a human being if trying to penetrate into the ground by the side roads of the cenotes.

It is also logical universal principle "What's up is down" and consistent with the concepts of Albert Einstein that it is the microcosm of atoms is at the macrocosm level of planets, which would be that there is a way very early life attributable to the Mayans who live and nucloneutrónica nucléoprotónica cortex, which is the center of the earth, and there is a clearance of electronic character between this core and crust electronegative where there is a gap as there is between the atoms and that this crust has big holes where UFOs can go and that they found at the poles, north and south, extinct volcanoes and in some places the sea, where they have been seen leaving, according to reports NASA.

This hypothesis is also consistent in speaking of the sudden sinking of Atlantis in the whirlpool that swallowed it all, mountains, rivers, cities, people, animals, in a few minutes and they will sink into the earth and bring out other around the bottom of the seas, managed to be occluded in large cavities inhabited areas and the men who escaped were adapted to this way of life underground, preserving a high level of evolution, but undergoing profound genetic changes that affect their morphological structure, thus there is an energy level equal to its load intensity, but opposite sign, ie, of a strongly proton, which prevents them from making contact with the current inhabitants of the planet.

For this reason, since ancient times have repeatedly made contact with the human race that began a new civilization on the surface to learn of their existence and warn of the impending disappearance of the planet T, which may well come from which Ixtlacoliuhqui or reference with that name to what happened and will happen on planet Earth, when you step Ixtlacoliuhqui near the orbit of this and caused the Flood, by bringing back to the earth's crust and letting new continent of Atlantis sank and retain a part of civilization who survived it.

In the story of the destruction of Atlantis on the planet T stands out the remarkable fact that the phenomenon is cyclical in nature and, thus, to attend again the circumstances that caused the flood, ie the vicinity of another planet near the orbit of the Earth attraction, increased intensity and frequency of earthquakes, caused by the same reason or another, increasing the temperature of the earth's crust on the birth of several volcanoes, which cause melting the poles and rising sea levels in the four cardinal points, this phenomenon can be repeated. This phenomenon may actually cause the disappearance of part of the planet T, which to date have erupted several volcanoes, among which we mention the Mount St. Helens in Washington state, U.S., Katsatsu-Shirane volcano, in central Japan, between the boundaries of the provinces of Gumma and Nagar (daily Ovations, Mexico City, July 26, 1983), the Kelahuane, Hawaii, the Chichonal, Mexico, all in the last two years , 1982 and 1983.

These volcanoes are located on pyramidal isosísmicas lines analyzed in Volume I of Myth and Reality of the Pyramids and are located at points that correspond to the centers of vibration of the planet where the lines cross isosísmicas pyramid. It is hoped that in coming years to increase the birth of other volcanoes in the same lines isosísmicas, to increase their activity and the frequency of the earthquake before 2000 and that this activity is increasing after that date.

Another of the things that contributed to augment the temperature of the planet in the antiquity was the instated development of the vegetation due the augment of rains… and, moreover, several major rivers burst their banks, leaving many villages under water, a phenomenon that also occurred in Atlantis, according to the Codex Tonalamatl.

Of social phenomena that occurred in Atlantis recur today. The man is losing spiritual values and only concerned about material and physical aspects, the destructive wars between the Turanian and the Maya-Atlanteans are repeated in our days for the same reasons, the desire to have more territories, exploiting the raw materials other less developed nations and try to dominate by force to other nations. ... "

If planet T is going to partially disappear, what can we do for us and everyone else? (Page 197)

When we receive information and process it mentally, we got several paths to choose: be skeptical and forget about it, investigate whether what we say can be checked with other media or make the decision as soon as we experimentally prove the elements to do so, especially in this case which raises the possibility preserving life, though part of the planet disappears, preparing to address this possibility very remote, even if longer term.

The report's authors, Christopher Cox and Benjamin Chao in the journal Science suggests that the earth is widening. According to space observations made during the past 25 years, the spherical shape that has been on the planet would observe a shifting mass in the border area between the liquid outer core of the Earth and its mantle.



The Earth is in the ecosphere, a space around the Sun, is the largest of the rocky planets. That means it can retain a layer of gases, the atmosphere, which scatters light and absorbs heat. By day keeps the Earth from getting too hot and at night, to cool.

Seven out of ten parts of the earth's surface is covered with water. The seas and oceans will also help regulate the temperature. The evaporating water forms clouds and falls as rain or snow, forming rivers and lakes. At the poles, which receive little solar energy, water freezes and forms ice caps. The south is larger and has the largest freshwater reserve.

The Earth is not perfectly round, but pear-shaped. Calculations based on perturbations in the orbits of artificial satellites reveal that thickens Ecuador 21 km, the north pole is dilated to 10 m and the south pole is sunk about 31 meters.

Program information Earth Order
Size: equatorial radius 6.378 km. 5
Mean distance from Sun 149,600,000 km.
Day: rotation period 23,93 hours
Year: orbit around the sun 365.256 days
Mean surface temperature15 º C
Surface gravity in Ecuador 9.78 m/s2

Movements of the Earth:

Earth's orbit is elliptical, there are times when it is closer to the Sun and others that are further away. In addition, the planet's rotation axis is slightly inclined to the plane of the orbit. At the end of the year it seems that the sun rises and falls.

The apparent path the sun is called ecliptic and passes over the Earth Ecuador in early spring and autumn. These points are the equinoxes. In them the day and night are equal. Points farther from the ecliptic are called solstices Ecuador, and signal the beginning of winter and summer.

Near the solstices, the sun's rays fall more vertical on one of the two hemispheres and hotter. It's summer. Meanwhile, the other hemisphere of the Earth receives more inclined rays have to cross more piece of atmosphere and cooled before reaching land. It's winter.

As the solar system, the Earth moves through space at about 20.1 km/s 72.360 km/h towards the constellation of Hercules. However, the Milky Way as a whole is moving towards the constellation of Leo at 600 km/s.

Translation: The Earth and Moon revolve together in an elliptical orbit around the Sun's orbital eccentricity is small, while the orbit is virtually a circle. The approximate circumference of the Earth's orbit is 938,900,000 km and our planet travels along it at a speed of about 106,000 km/h.

Rotation: The Earth rotates on its axis once every 23 hours, 56 minutes and 4.1 seconds. Therefore, a point of Ecuador tour to just over 1,600 km/h and a point on the Earth at an altitude of 45 ° N, turn about 1,073 km/h.

Other changes: In addition to these primary motions, there are other components in the total movement of the Earth as the precession of the equinoxes and nutation, a periodic variation in the tilt of Earth's axis caused by the gravitational pull of the sun and Luna.

The above information is located on the "www.astromí"

L. Don Leet and Sheldon Judson, in his book Principles of Physical Geology, 1980 Limusa Editorial, SA, in short, we assert:

That 100% of the total energy released by earthquakes worldwide, 80% occur in the Circunpacífico, 15% from Burma, the Himalayas, Baluchistan, Iran and the Alps of Mediterranean Europe, and 5% in world.

That the oceanic crust is about 10% (4.8km.) Continental crust (56km.)

And tell us the following:

II. B. 1 .- Earthquakes:
Magnitude and energy: an earthquake of Richter magnitude 5, released about the same amount of energy the first atomic bomb was tested on July 16, 1945, in New Mexico, an earthquake of magnitude 8.6 Richter is three million times greater than an earthquake of Richter magnitude 5.

Distribution: Gutenberg and Richter, estimated one million real earthquakes each year.

80% of the total energy released in the world, from earthquakes is presented in the most active around the edges of the Pacific Ocean and most simian activity is located in Japan, western Mexico, Melanesia and the Philippines. The ring of islands bordering the Pacific is for a high proportion of large shocks to various depths of focus.

15% of the total energy released in the world, from earthquakes is presented in an area extending from Burma, through the foothills of the Himalayas, Baluchistan, which runs through the west Iran and continues through alpine structures Mediterranean Europe, these earthquakes being shallow and intermediate depth, with pockets lined up along the mountain ranges. Consequently, the remaining 5% of energy is released in the rest of the world, narrow strips of shallow seismic sources, follow the ridge-Atlantic Ridge and the Indian and Arctic oceans.

Most of the released energy is concentrated in a small number of strong earthquakes, a magnitude 8.4 Richter releases almost as much energy as was released on average every year during the first half of the twentieth century.

Based on the principle of "safety valve" was believed that a large number of small earthquakes in a region reduced the risk of large shocks in some cases, small earthquakes, announcements represent a major shock, saying conditions of tension.

II. B 2.- Structure of the Earth's interior:
The crust of the continents: the sialic layer structure, intermediate and somatic, in the United States has more than 56 km under the eastern front of the Rocky Mountains and on the plateau adjacent to the ocean here is thin, except under Nevada in the Great Basin.

The crust under the oceans, it seems that the crust beneath the Pacific is not layered and is thinner, consisting of schismatic rocks in the northeastern Pacific 4.8 kilometers.

The information is located in the book Fundamentals of Physical Geology, by L. Don Leet and Sheldon Judson, 1980 Limusa Editorial, SA (Chapter 19, Earthquakes and Chapter 20, The interior of the Earth, Chapter 21, Earth Magnetism and continental drift).

The National Seismological Service of the National Autonomous University of Mexico, on its website "" provides inter alia, the following summary information:

Geophysics was born in 1925.

That the earth is warming.

The center of the earth acts as a dynamo.

That should focus globally Geophysics.

And he says the following:

II. C. 1.- Birth of geophysics:
Geophysics in 1910 there was not in fact or in word, in 1911 Gutenberg estimated depth of the core of the Earth 2 900 km, in 1915 He served Mohorovic proved the existence of the earth's crust, a thin layer of 5 to 70 miles of rock that lines the inside of the Earth as the shell surrounds the fruit, in 1920 the English Turner showed that there are deep source earthquakes, hundreds of kilometers below the crust, in 1925 Gutenberg geophysics defined as the branch of physics experimental dealing with Earth: inside, its oceans, its atmosphere, its magnetic and gravitational field. The new science was born, and continues to advance scientific knowledge to date, as the tectonic plate that caused a genuine scientific revolution, the Van Allen belts, invisible magnetic rings around the Earth, it is found that large earthquakes are rock the whole earth like a giant bell in the ionosphere produced by atmospheric waves amplitudes LF, the oceans contain fossil water, whose age was determined using carbon 14, the residual magnetism of the rocks shows that have turned whole continents and moved, etc.. to understand how the Earth and its rattle means to prevent his feints and booms.

The information is located on the "" the title of "general information", subtitled "documents" section of "origins of the oceans, continents, earthquakes and geophysicists.

II. C. 2.- The Earth is cooled or heated?
On Earth, the most important source of energy is the heat produced by radioactive decay of matter. The amount of heat flowing from inside the Earth is known as terrestrial heat flow. " The temperature increases with depth and the reason for this increase is known as geothermal gradient, but the geothermal gradient is not constant at greater depths (Fig. 7).
In inland areas most heat comes from the bark where there is a greater amount of radioactive material in the ocean heat flux measurements have given very similar results to those of the continents, which led scientists to wonder where it came from the heat in the ocean considering the theory of convection currents in the mantle as a mechanism for heat transfer, thermal phenomena discovered on Earth are associated with electrical and magnetic phenomena.

The information is located on the "" the title of "general information", subtitled "topics of seismology" chapter of "history of plate tectonics."

II. C. 3.- The magnetism terrestrial.
The most interesting theory was about considering the Earth’s core as an autoexcitable dynamo proposed by Edward Bullard (Fig. 5) in 1955. This idea of the dynamics involved the existence of thermal convection instead of coils and brushes as common dynamos. This theory is more accepted today.
The information is located on the "" the title of "general information", subtitled "topics of seismology" chapter of "history of plate tectonics."

II. C. 4.- Geophysics should focus globally.
These recent results form the basis for a new global geophysics, which covers the theory of continental drift, the displacement of the sea floor, and the geographical distribution of earthquakes and volcanoes. As a fundamental mechanism of all these processes is proposed the idea of a general movement of Earth's mantle, convection currents, rising and falling causing extrusion igneous materials in the central rift of the oceans and on continental margins reabsorption . There is now a very lively scientific controversy worldwide on these topics, with recent developments almost daily. Many are in agreement and not a few contradictory to the new theories. For example, there is recent evidence that the peninsula of Baja California is moving the continent at a rate of about 5 to 10 cm / year, this movement could contribute to travel in the San Andreas fault and thus the seismicity California.

The information is located on the "" the title of "general information", subtitled "documents" section of "origins of the oceans, continents, earthquakes and geophysicists.

The earth travels at a speed of 20 kilometers per second.

Solar System describes three kinds of moves, each at a specific speed and with a limited rotation:

1. The longer stroke and fast is the solar system's orbital motion around the nucleus of our galaxy. The speed of the solar system's orbital motion around the center of the galaxy is 217,215 km / s. Solar System completes one revolution around the galaxy every 226 million years.

2. The second movement, described in most books of astronomy, is the oscillation of the solar system from north to south and vice versa with respect to the galactic plane. It is a swing up and down, determined mainly by the gravitational pull between celestial bodies that make up the Solar System. The speed of this movement is 7 kilometers per second.

3. The third movement is on its way to the center of the galaxy and in the reverse order, ie moving away from the center of the galaxy. This is also a swinging movement, but influenced by the gravitational pull of celestial bodies external and internal of the galaxy near the solar system. This movement has a speed of 20 km / s, and is now headed towards the constellation of Hercules.

This information is located on the website "" position and movements of the solar system.

The moon is the only natural satellite of Earth and the only body in the solar system in detail we can see with the naked eye or with simple tools.

The moon reflects sunlight differently depending on where you are. Revolves around the Earth on its axis at the same time: 27 days, 7 hours and 43 minutes. This means that we always show the same face.

It has no atmosphere or water, so the surface does not deteriorate over time if not for the casual impact of a meteorite. The Moon is considered fossilized.

On July 20, 1969, Neil Armstrong became the first man walked on the moon as part of the Apollo XI mission. Lunar projects have collected about 400 kg. of scientists analyze samples.

Basic information The Moon Earth
Size: equatorial radius 1.737 km. 6.378 km.
Average distance from Earth 384.403 km. -
Day: period of rotation about the axis27,32 days23,93 hours
Earth orbit 27,32 days -
Mean surface temperature (day)107 º C15 º C
Mean surface temperature (night) -153 º C-
Surface gravity in Ecuador 1,62 m/s29,78 m/s2

The Moon describes its orbit around the Earth at an average distance of 384,403 km at an average speed of 3,700 km / h. Although at first glance appears bright, reflects into space only about 7% of the light it receives from the Sun This reflectivity, or albedo, is similar to coal dust. The ancient observers thought that the dark regions of the surface were oceans, giving the Latin name of "mare", we still use. The brightest regions were considered continent.

Since the Renaissance, telescopes have revealed many details of the lunar surface, and spacecraft have further contributed to this knowledge. Today we know that the moon has craters, mountain ranges, plains and seas, fractures, ridges, cracks and radio spots.

The largest crater is called Bailly, of 295 km in diameter and 3,960 m deep. The largest sea is Mare Imbrium (Sea of Rains), 1,200 km in diameter. The highest mountains in the Cordilleras and Doerfel Leibniz, near the South Pole, have peaks up to 6,100 m high, comparable to the Himalayas.

The origin of lunar craters has been debated for a long time. Studies show that most were formed by meteorite traveling at high speed or small asteroids, mostly during the primary was lunar history, when the solar system still contained many of these fragments. However, some craters, fissures and ridges moles have features that are undoubtedly of volcanic origin. The above information is located on the "www.astromí / solar / tierra.htm."

II. E.1.- Origin of the Moon:
There are basically five hypotheses about the origin of the moon:

1 .- Capture Hypothesis:
Was an independent star, passing near the Earth, was captured into orbit.

2 .- Hypothesis fission:
Earth and Moon were born of the same mass of material that revolved around the sun.

3 .- Binary accretion hypothesis:
The moon emerged from a "swelling" of the Earth that is off by centrifugal force.

4 .- Impact hypothesis:
Currently supports a fourth theory is a mixture of the other three: when Earth was forming, suffered a collision with a large body of space. Part of the mass expelled and left coalesced to form the moon.

5 .- Hypothesis of precipitation:
Describe the formation of the Moon from the materials that the monstrous volcanoes of the time throwing training at high altitudes.

This information is located on the website www.astronomí

6 .- Planetesimal theory:
Of all the hypotheses and theories, the most convincing and consistent better with all the evidence available at present and which have been mathematical models, is the one that says that shortly after Earth was formed, a planetesimal of size comparable to that of Mars collided with Earth, literally tearing the surface layer, rich in elements of low density.

This information is located on the website


The global nuclear arsenal today is more than 12 000 megatons of explosive power concentrated in a 50 000 pumps, plus the global arsenal of conventional weapons in more than 500 million small caliber weapons, rifles and hand grenades, added the worldwide arsenal of unconventional weapons in order unspecified amount of all armies.

The direct effects of nuclear war that will trigger a significant fraction of the global arsenal, are the sum of the effects of heat, pressure, radiation and fallout. For example, a study published in 1982 by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, is the final result in which are detonated 5 741 megatons, roughly half the total arsenal currently in the deaths of 866,000,000 human beings as well as injured 280,000.000 . Many of the wounded would die within a few days due to the inability to receive medical help, then a total of 1.000 million deaths due to direct effects of explosions.

The overall physical indirect effects of nuclear war stated in the work of scientists: Turco, Toon, Ackerman, Pollack and Sagan (TTAPS), published in the journal Science in December 1983 which resulted in the powder injected into the explosions atmosphere by smoke and soot from fires generated in cities and forests would cause a significant attenuation of sunlight on the planet, leading to the so-called "nuclear winter" also suffering severe climatic and biological disturbances, such as decrease in the ozone layer by 30% generating an increase in the intensity of ultraviolet light to double the current values and continental ecosystems, water, agricultural, and human society in the short, medium and long term, obscuration caused by particles suspended in the atmosphere reduce levels of photosynthesis to virtually eliminate the productivity of plants, large numbers of animals would perish in the cold, fresh water scarcity (it will be all frozen), there will be little food resources for vertebrates, with the resulting competition among animals for food, and a possible extinction of many species known today. The natural water system will suffer soon after the war the freezing surface. The reduction of light rays virtually end the life of fotoplancton, eliminating the food base of many marine and freshwater. Causing their extinction. This information can be found in the webpages of and

The proposed U.S. Air Force whose initials HAARP, High Frequency Auroral Research Project Advanced, would be translated into Spanish, Research Program for High Frequency Active Auroral. In a military base in Gakona, Alaska, is developing a mysterious project which consists of 180 antennas will be working together as a single antenna that deliver 1 GW = 1,000,000,000 W, ie a billion radio waves high frequency which penetrate the lower atmosphere and interact with the flow of elecrojets Aureal.

Certainly some scientific basis in this whole affair looms, HAARP with hundreds of millions of watts of power and antennas can be considered as a true "heating" of the upper atmosphere, causing a tremendous ionization can lead to unpredictable consequences, and thanks its effect "mirror" effects could lead to any area of the planet. We would be talking about a new type of weapon, capable of intensifying storms, prolonged droughts, over an alleged enemy territory and losers without noticing that no more ... fiction?

The project is so controversial and dangerous. Proponents argue a myriad of benefits of scientific, geophysical and military, but critics are convinced that they could have catastrophic consequences for our planet, from risky changes in the ionosphere, the manipulation of the human mind.

The scientist Nick Begich by the journalist Jeanne Manning conducted extensive research on the subject fruit of which was released the book "Angels do not play this harp" (The Angels do not play this harp), in which both authors make unsettling hypotheses, one of them is to be launched this project could have worse consequences of nuclear testing

HAARP part of Tesla's original idea: to convey powerful electromagnetic waves can be reflected in the ionosphere and thus reach large distances

This information is located on the website

Operates on the premise that man, somehow become God in human form and control other Men and dictate all actions and thoughts.

The calculated resistance to the new religion, the New World Order and the new "Messiah," resulting in "holy wars", will result in loss of life on a massive scale. The "BLUE BEAM PROJECT" will pretend to be the universal fulfillment of the ancient Prophecies, an event as important as that which took place 2000 years ago.

At first they will use the sky as a holographic projection screen ...

Specifically, the "show" will consist of laser projections of multiple holographic images to different parts of the world, each receiving different images according to the predominant religious faith in the region.

The various images of Christ, Mohammed, Buddha, Krishna, etc., Will merge into ONE after "correct explanation" of the mysteries, and find prophecies and revelations. This "One God" will work, in fact, as "Anti-Christ" that "explain" that the various scriptures "have been misunderstood" - that religions are responsible for returning old brother against brother, nation against nation - to be abolished the world's religions to make way for the AGE GOLDEN (NEW ERA) of the One World Religion, representing the One God who will see ahead.

Naturally, this production, produce full-scale organized social and religious disorder on a massive scale. You wonder who will be doing all day, on that day the television transmitters religious networks that day?

But before all this they have to go through four different steps to reach the Blue Beam Project (Project Blue Ray).

1: The first step involves the breakdown of all archaeological knowledge.

They organize earthquakes at certain precise locations around the planet where supposed new "discoveries" finally explain (for them) that the meanings of the basic doctrines of major religions around the world are "wrong."

2: The second step deals with the gigantic space show.

3: The third step deals with telepathic electronic two-way.

ELF (Extra Low Frequency), VLF (Very Low Frequency) and LF (Low Frequency) waves will reach the people of the earth through the insides of their brains, making each person believe that his own God is speaking from within of his own soul.

4: The fourth step involves universal supernatural manifestations using electronic means.

This step contains three different orientations:

The first one is to make mankind believe that is about an alien invasion to occur in every major city on earth.

Second, is to convince the "Christians" that a major rapture is occurring, with a simple and staging divine intervention of an "alleged" good alien force coming to save good people from a brutal satanic attack. His goal is to get rid of all significant opposition to the NEW WORLD ORDER.

The third orientation is a mixture of electronic and supernatural forces. The waves (frequencies) used at that time will allow supernatural forces to travel through fiber optic cables, coaxial cables, electric and telephone lines to penetrate all electronic equipment and apparatus which by then will have one special microchip installed .

The goal of this step is the materialization of satanic ghosts, specters, and poltergeists all around the globe to push all populations to the edge of a wave of suicide, killing and permanent psychological disorder.


This information is located on the website

Future wars will be absolutely silent. Chemical and biological weapons are being stockpiled by the big powers. Would it be a utopia to believe that you never use?

While radiation kills quietly released the weapons that are the noisiest military devices of all man-made today .- But is there any possibility that death comes quietly, and if he knows his arrival only when it is impossible to escape it? .- It seems that if .- Currently, all major powers entirely silent weapon in their arsenal: chemical (poisonous gases and toxic compounds) and biological (disease germs.)

Chemical weapons are weaker "tear gas" or "antimanifestaciones agents" among the most used are the CN and CS (initials of the U.S. military code.)

The gases "emetic" cause more serious effects .- One of these gases, the DM, was prepared during the First World War.

Equally appalling is the "choking agents" in general acting lethal gases through the lungs.

The most powerful gas known are those who tend to be classified as "blister, and incapacitating stun."

The "blister" produce extremely painful pustules that can reach several centimeters in diameter.

Agents "crippling", also called "nerve gases" are the most violent .- 20 to 100 times more toxic than any other chemical .- There are two types: G and V. - Early, GA (tabun) , GB (sarin) and GD (soman), discovered by the Germans, even the least powerful of them is capable of causing death with a single inhalation .- The V agents were developed by the British: they are 300 times more deadly than "mustard gas" .- A drop so small that it is invisible to the naked eye, can easily kill a man.

The "crippling" affect the nerves that control muscles and inhibit enzymes that eliminate organic substances formed by nerve impulses.

Finally, the agents "disabling" can be divided into two kinds: physical and psycho-chemical .- Physicists temporarily leave the victim helpless .- The psycho-chemical produce hallucinations or manic fury .- As no act through the skin It is relatively easy to protect themselves.

This information is located on the website

II.G.1.- Millenium Journal August 3, 2002, "It broadens the Earth", "Land fattening."
It has long been known that our planet is not a perfect sphere, wider at the middle-in Ecuador, and narrower at the poles, about 20 miles difference between the two points. However, new research published in the journal Science suggests our planet is widening.

The report's authors, Christopher Cox and Benjamin Chao, were based on spatial observations made in the last 25 years. Satellite studies since the early 1980's showed that Earth had partially lost their shape geoid or "pumpkin" and had become more spherical.

It was felt that this was due to a rebound in the mantle (a thick layer of nearly molten rock between the crust and the core of the Earth), after the loss of a heavy mass of polar ice after the last Ice Age. However, the work suggests that this trend changed abruptly in the last four years, Cox and Chao doubt that there is something on the surface of Earth-like climate change, the more thawing and sea level rise, which could explain this sudden change , and consider that it could be a shifting mass in the border area between the liquid outer core and mantle of Earth.

The journal Science suggests that the earth is widening. According to space observations made during the past 25 years, the spherical shape that has been on the planet would observe a shifting mass in the border area between the liquid outer core of the Earth and its mantle.

II.G.2.- Newspaper El Universal.- November 30, 2008, page A20:
Areas under threat: The Worldwatch Institute in 2007 released a list of 21 megacities at risk of flooding due to global warming. Among them: Dhaka (Bangladesh), Buenos Aires (Argentina), Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), Shanghai and Tianjin (China), Alexandria and Cairo (Egypt), Bombay and Calcutta (India), Yakarta (Indonesia), Lagos ( Nigeria), Tokyo and Osaka-Kobe (Japan), Karachi (Pakistan), Bangkok (Thailand), New York and Los Angeles, in addition to the news that the Maldives looks where to move. The rise in sea level caused by climate change threatens to swallow up the islands. The government wants another territory. Bids are accepted by the international community. ...

II.G.3.- Seven Day number 432, of November 23, 2008, Section 22 Disaster unprecedented nature out of control.
Mexico disaster zone. Climate change assaults without foresight to the country. What was unusual this year, leaving behind chaos, dead, missing and millions in losses in areas where there has never been disasters. The magical town of Alamos Sonora, is one of the 12 cases of "atypical disaster that have occurred as a result of global warming. The government, say the scientists consulted, to be replaced by a reactive strategy is defensive and territorial restructuring. Are we at risk of "environmental refugees"? TEXT: SHAILA ROSAGEL. ...

II.G.4.- Newspaper El Universal .- December 14, 2008, page A25:
BY DANILO Arbilla, "The record of all records": The Brazilian state of Santa Catalina to the department (province) of Florida in Uruguay, there are about 250 thousand kilometers. In the past few weeks in Brazil floods and drought have ravaged the Uruguayan.

"Random Hearts? Something interesting about the weather?

No, something much more serious due to climate change, which makes disaster on record after record gown. Snow in summer, floods, overflowing rivers, landslides and never looked and proliferation of hurricanes, cyclones and tsunamis. Cold and hot as ever (sic) had been given.

However, people are more concerned about the financial crisis, which also broke records and stole the scepter to 1929. ...

Climate change is a fact. It is not for nostalgic old. There will be more disasters. New records and will fight the crisis will be more serious and more serious until, if nothing is done and not become aware, will take place, inevitably, the latest crisis. It beat the record for all records. After that there will be competitors.

Still missing, they will take action, there is much ahead. Is it so? Ninety years is a long time in jail, but are just around the corner.

In this curious world where it rains not necessary and not a drop of water where it is needed, it is true that there are minutes that seem like centuries, therefore, as the years go flying.

II.G.5.- Newspaper El Universal, January 15, 2009, pg. F2

It is not known with certainty when or where in the Mexican Volcanic Belt, monogenetic sprout another volcano. It could be the most catastrophic not the magnitude of the eruptions, but there are many settlements around the belt that crosses the country from Nayarit to Veracruz. "Claus Siebe" UNAM researcher.

II.G.6.- Newspaper El Universal, January 15, 2009, pg. A14
"God brought us to the beach shrimp"
by Alberto López, correspondent.
Juchitan, Oax .- Shouting "Pemex banned it, but God provided! Hundreds of fishermen and their families yesterday seized tons of shrimp and finfish offshore that suddenly arrived on the beaches of Salinas del Marques, to enter the sea to the beach four meters due to a phenomenon called flood ... ... Two years ago, due to the phenomenon known as high tide, Pacific Ocean waters overflowed several beaches along the coast of Oaxaca and flooded several communities.

II.H.1 .- An Inconvenient Truth.
II.H.2 .- A day after tomorrow 1.
II.H.3 .- A day after tomorrow 2. II.H.4 .- Global Warming.
II.H.5.- 10.5 Apocalypse.
II.H.6.- Volcano 1.
II.H.7.- Volcano 2.
II.H.8 .- The Core.
II.H.9.- Atlantis existed.

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