Imagen: Tres edificios en Dahiya, al sur de Beirut, totalmente en ruinas después de un ataque militar israelí. Autor: Guy Smallman / Oxfam1).- If you get uncomfortable position and unable to move, it is recommended that the position of the cats, which is to relax without thinking about how uncomfortable posture, this is achieved by breathing deeply when you feel discomfort, achieving greater efficiency in breath holding Cerradicas eyes.
2).- If you get caught, but with ample space to move even if granted, do not worry, this is the first to survive "keep quiet" breathing with the following techniques, which now must be practiced daily for at the time given and have them memorized and that are not automatic:

a).- In cases of extreme heat or asthma, you're smothered and dry to cool, long inhale through the nose and finish the inhalation opening and closing the mouth, sucking air through the mouth and exhaling through the nose, remembering the movements they make with your mouth fish.

b).- If you're thirsty, drink water of life, place the teeth on the lower lip by inspiring long between the upper teeth and breathing through the mouth, and soon you will notice the freshness and the thirst will diminish, if repeated several times This year, the thirst will disappear completely.

c).- In case you are hungry and it is difficult to obtain food on occasion, do not despair or become impatient, as the Creator who loves us so much we have been endowed with sufficient resources to save in an emergency, getting through proper breathing and targeted the elements we need for our food and these are contained in the ether, air, prana, or whatever you call it, being one of the most essential of the following: iron, zinc, copper, silver, etc.

· Close your teeth, put your tongue pressing against the lower teeth, keeping her lips parted, inspires and quickly closes the lips and exhales through the nose again and if it inspires you as saliva in the mouth, hold your breath for so you can swallow the saliva before expiring.

· I want to know the taste of these substances, place the upper teeth over the lower, lower lip stuck to the lower teeth, breathing through his teeth and you feel the taste of each metal.

· The iron is used for the formation of hemoglobin, leading to a better oxygenation. The zinc used for the exchange of O2-CO2 gases. Copper is used in the mechanisms of metabolic pathways.

d).- For brain functions require gold, put the wheels together as if one were to chew and repira a short breath out through your nose.

3).- In the event of being trapped and standing, place a handful of earth mixed with saliva on the belly with a cloth covering, if possible exposed to sunlight this part of the body at least once a day and this means power will be kept for several days, not to mention the practice of breathing exercises for as long as necessary.

4).- In case of being sick, place the tip of the tongue on the palate.

5).- To find your way without instruments, close your eyes and let your body guide you, you always heading north, because we have a natural compass because we have a certain amount of iron the back of the nose bone.

6).- It is suggested to bring day and night always a small bag containing seeds of different types such as sesame, amaranth, pumpkin, sunflower, flax, wheat, beans, soybeans, corn, carrots, etc., Which will serve to germinate or at a given time as food, consuming for example two or three sesame seeds per day, this amount is sufficient to survive, or you can add a daddy, a little bite gives us the necessary carbohydrates and can be planted.

7).- A natural kit neck must miss home, containing the following: garlic oil or powder or tablets, watercress powder or capsules, onion, spirulina tablets or capsules, lemon, flower pollen, etc., bandages, cotton or clean rags, small pieces of wood or cardboard, a small safe (oxygen), clay (volcanic clay), boiled water or hydrogen peroxide, alcohol, microlax, scissors, rubber bands, aspirin, liquid oxygen "oxygenator biorox cell "Citricidal" FMS "if possible baumanómetro, stethoscope, with instructions for each item and know to use at the time, and a first aid booklet and practice frequently used.


In the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth, in addition to the philosophical as summarized in "Love one another", something very practical that left us is this:

· The body is an instrument and is the result of millions of years of evolution and creation.

· The more healthy and fit body is the most perfect and useful are the thoughts, words and creations of man.

· Perfect body is thus a major task.

· He prescribed not eat meat and consume wheat bread, unfermented grape juice and fruit.

· The pure or clean oxygenated blood for good breathing, has a lot to do with the ability to discern.

NOTE: breaths and teachings of Jesus were taken from the Encyclopedia naturist Mazdaznan and the Book of Yoga Maya-Azteca-Mixtecozapoteca Guillermo González Soto, adaptation and other suggestions by Dolores Cepeda.

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