A.1.- ING. GUILLERMO GONZALEZ SOTO (tel. 53-98-85-08 E-Mail [email protected]), summary of information taken from newspaper NOTIPUBLICACIONES "DE MEXICO: Number 47 of September 2, 2008 at Number 50 of 20 October 2008:

Summary of the number 46 of a UFO fell 21 meters in diameter blue light pink and purple, which was incorporated into the body of a Mulata, with the light that burned the skin and made it streaky as the Jaguar, which the locals known as (Ah) Winik Ek Balam's Sit 'Mulata Stain the Jaguar, which is identified with Winik Z'Ek Balam, the Black Jaguar descending from the stars.

Sit's Ek 'La Mulata de Fuego, Black Jaguar streaked mottled brown spots, said in words that are not words, because NOT OPEN HIS MOUTH, the second visit BALAM, Puerto Rico;

1) I know Winik Z'Ek Balam, for several years, almost on the same day it received its name from England's Number ONE witch who called Sybil Leak, who tells Jaimes Guillermo Gonz�lez Soto, who in thereafter, we recognize as the Black Jaguar descending from the stars, to Plant New Seeds of Love and Harmony, Peace among all COSMIC HUMAN GROUND (SHCT), by Changing the Order of the planet, according to the change Magnetic Polarity of Sun news to be published in the Golden Book of the Maya, by Winik Z'Ek Balam..

2) Balam, in his tour of various countries, is always guarded by a UFO, which is present in photographs of their ceremonies and meditation.

3) when we got inside his pyramid, while he meditated and tried to leave his body, the action was suspended by Sybil Leak, This puzzled the then Engineer Jaimes Guillermo Gonzalez and Soto, repeats causing great concern. Remember that despite the cold inside the pyramid, the temperature was 42 � C, and sweating profusely.

4) The phenomenon that is now experiencing, sensing the proximity of the knee's Ek Sit ', which touches your knee. She realizes the discomfort of Balam and covers his legs with Saigal, willow branches and narrow leaves, interwoven, apparently, very light, but that cooled his knee with the wonder of Balam.

SIT'S EK, now clarified that it sucked BALAM seed with a sniffer inserted in the vas deferens of the testes and that the radiation emitted light that it could not hurt BALAM because it absorbs and transmutes ...

Responses through telepathy'S SIT EK, BALAM reassure, but do not explain why it has to be "chosen" to experience a life of receiving all diseases, to learn to treat other people. And it starts a duel of questions, including through a heated discussion TELEPATHY, which generates visible shock energy out of their brains. Sit's Ek 'Mulata Jaguar to stroke his hair trying to dominate the minds of Z'Ek Inc Balam, but he uses "the magic key Tri Cosmic Essence" and the LEVITE, download the power of Jaguar Mulata Sit' s Ek 'GROUND, like a Lightning.

NORA relates: When SIT 'EK arrived on the island, after dropping the UFO, Don Artemio took her to my house and we agreed that I would be your sales representative to offer his services as a HEALER, for which I offered the little cabin I have here in Ponce, near the river in the mountains.

BALAM in mind the words of EK'S SIT on the fact that he was selected to take the seed of life to procreate EK'S SIT Cosmic Human Being Alien (SHCEXT) is stronger than thought action to delete it and placing the tip of the tongue on the soft palate, forming the "Egg" energy surrounds his body with force FEM, Physical Emotional and Mental minivoltios 23, 28 and 33 microamps nanofarads, or primary force Life, cancels the electromagnetic field produced'S SIT hands EK and questions and clarifications.

Balam: The word TEPAL, Flint Flint Fire and Obsidian, in Mayan, Nahuatl word corresponds to TECPATL, the Aztecs polished flint, arrows to Archer of the Sky, to reach the star ORION, and take Astronomical Mathematical Model to configure and build the pyramids on Earth, the Sun, the Moon, the Unit of Measure "TUN" Sacred Mechanism of the Universe, which measures a unit of 1.06x1.06x1.06 Teotihuacan (current cubic meters).

When a meteorite fell on the island of Haiti, calcined rocks and the main material of these rocks is the Flint obsidian black, transparent or other colors, hence the name Fire Island Flint, which has this profile , a face with open mouth, expelling heat from the bowels of the island with volcanoes, which in antiquity were active. Hieroglyphic is corresponding to number 15 Aztec Calendar KAXTOLLI word answers to the name and unique value and unique in all numbering Azteca OLLIN movement of KAXT-OL neurons in the brain.

EK'S SIT So now, finally answering my question says BALAM what has TEPAL relationship with me? TEPAL IS THE ONE THAT GIVES YOU MESSAGES CATASTROPHIC EVENTS, in the book "When They Come in," reports on the disasters of 2006 and 2007, which was registered with the SEP in 2005.

I wonder, says EK SIT'S, IF THIS INFORMATION SHOULD BE USEFUL TO TAKE PREVENTIVE MEASURES, as you mention in the 21 books on security measures Industries and Mining, ... BALAM Dime, Is not that what you intend do now?. What security measures are taken against hurricanes, which change intensity and direction, as in Baja California Sur, to use the prayer of the Mayas and transmit to speaker, as did the Doctor of BC, according to your instructions. BALAM, that is the essence of my proposal to the Government and the media, but has not found ECO,


IXBAW TEPAL, is present as U TEPAL LALIK KUCHILA. I am the Lord of Wisdom that governs the people across the Sun, in the Mission to leave the message in the Agro-Crops of England in Human Beings Cosmic Earth.

It is important to note that TEPAL IXBAU FACE (For Tecpatl) is seen in profile and has an eye with a snake coiled Kan Ahau 3 spins representing the digit 8 = 2x2x2, notice of change recorded in all MAYA MONUMENTS AND WAKE of Mesoamerica.

4 � REPORT TO JAIME SAK CHIK GGS Mauss (Zenxontle) Bird of 400 Voices singing Chi Kou Kou Chi.

"Sounds in the dawn of a new day, continuing his change Kou Chi, Chi Kou

"It's 03:30 hours in the meridian of Piton de la Foumassie in the direction of Chernobyl, the Wind (Ik ') as typhoon moves in the direction of Japan and the Chi Kou, repeat the sequence (0,1.1), 3 August 2005, a ship falls, (3 +12), 15 the second ship falls; (15 +9), 24 falls and the third ship on 23 is still illuminated by the Fire K'in Porta Grande Land in Portugal. The series does not end (August 24 + 12 days), October 5 and the Great Wind 160 km / hour (29x8) enters Florida (5 septiembre_9 days), September 14 and now continues (September 14. + 9 days), September 26 in counterclockwise direction of the Great Wind (Huet K'in) or begin to reverse the phenomenon by Agro-Circle (7), black and white photocopying, marking the path on the left eye of the snake, which now starts the count (zero, 1, 2, 3, to 13 to announce the Great Wind, Hun-La-Kan, that goes down the collar of his neck to reach the speed of (13x20), 300 km / Time Hun-La-Kan; advance the closure of the necklace under her left eye.

"That I do K'UO Chi, Bird from the Sun (0) and moon (u)?

- Bin ma'bin uchuk lik to be. Perchance you say this will happen or not?

"Under the mantle of Xoichpilli says:


- When the sun rises, get your word Lord.


"Because your light wake up and look around.


"We look also because we are your children.

- (IX) MA'CHI'ICH, no mouth to speak says:

-GELANAH, Here I am.

- (G-G/G-G / / G-G/G-G); (0,1; 1 / / 0, 1; 0.

1). The serpent in the left eye. "I am the seed Human Evolution, which is manifested in the Stem Cell 8, 8 G; I identity you the other side of the Sun My genetic code is 55 Left-Right (Double bar, next to the marker (/ / / / /), together with the Heriogl�fics (G-G / G-G / / G-G / G-G), found on the celestial sphere of the planets, compared to the Sun.

"The code says: 8 G / / (2.20 / 2.20), 4 x 20 = 800 / / 800 x 20 = 1600.

G -8 x 4 positions of the cardinal points on the SOL RED VS YEAR 6400 YEAR 6200 (MANIK deerskin 'KUKUTIL) WHEN VISITING EARTH.

- HAVE ELAPSED (> (0.0) 4 G (0.0) / / (0.4) 4 G (0.4)> GENERATIONS.

- (> (0.1) (2.3) (4.5) (1.0); (5) (50) / / (50 x 5) CHANGES IN THE DNA.

- (> (0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5) (100 )>)// 600 GENERATIONS.

WINIK Z'EK'BALAM INLAK 'EXH; I Am You, You Are Me, I Love You and I respect, like you.

BALAM asks for a second time EK SIT�S to clarify it, why send the paralytic healed, Mr. Domingo and murderers of children, their planet.

SIT'S EK Balam replied that this action is an ACTION OF LOVE, the Maya have the concept MEN, the Human Being can doubt what you see, can doubt what you hear, but can not doubt what he does his being consciously that is recorded in the subconscious of your brain.

"A soldier without control of their emotions, their tonsils removed because he" killed a woman and two children on the border of your country because they obey orders, is aware of what he does. Those who kidnap and kill a person, despite receiving a ransom, are aware of what they do. These specimens are sent to our planet, to study and change their genes destructive of human life.

There are other human beings who manipulate the masses of the "poor" to achieve their personal ends, to destroy works of general benefit, such as fuel oil and water, creating atypical storms, which seem to be the work of nature, terrorize the population, flooding farmland and create famines and win converts to their causes.

These are targeted.

In the Cosmos, there is the love of the material, the ambition for power, observing the precept Maya Universal Order: INLA'KECH, I am you, you are me, I love you and respect you as you love me and respect me, recorded in all Mayan monuments.

SIT'S EK Balam, Mulata de Fuego contrasts the positive actions of Oscar Jaime Gonzalez Perez, the negative action of the two children of 11 and 12 years respectively, killed in Puerto Rico to an elderly couple, just for the fun of how it feels to kill a defenseless person.

Winik Z'Ek Balam and Zinetetol Zihua, the parents of Oscar Jaime, placing it under the persistent rain in the ALIEN BASE OF THE 3 GAPS OF ALCHICHICA. For people in these 3 lakes, the presence of UFOs coming out is an event that most people accept as normal activity.

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