The revelations exist since the man enters in the worlds; this is true. But the revelations can be an absurd and because of this is necessary the reason to examine the tree by the fruit it gives us. Read �The Spiritism studied� in the chapter �Moses prohibited the usage of Spiritism�.

The revelation has two phases: the revelator�s and the revealed; but almost always the revelator will be from the same tendencies from those who he reveals, because, the affinity is an inexorable law, and so, an ignorant spirit, can�t reveal principles of wisdom, nor the impure give purity, nor the liar, truth.

The divine law, is Love; this has as administrator the law of affinity, as executor the justice; everything that proceeds from the law of Love, will be, harmony and justice.

Therefore, rationally, we come to the conclusion that, revelations (today verbal or written communications) are relative to the environment and to the purpose of their means, and to demonstrate it the sciences have come, daughters of progress.

Moreover: I see and palp that Moses prohibits the revelation but establishes a difficult science for the ignorant: the Kabala, in which reason has first place and in it, just the wise can operate; which indicates that reason must prevail first and wisdom shall attract wisdom; and when moral establishes and reason governs, on the Kabala, because inspiration is corresponded by it�s environment and today�s environment, is rational in almost all the world.

Despite of the negations (..., theosophists fall in the generality of religious errors, denying themselves the religion... and what they say is that �the Spirit never goes out of the body from the incarnate�.) (It�s the same as denying the rotation of Earth and the light of Sun), the Spirit that lives the man�s Trinity, unfolds and leaves the body: cleaves the spaces and goes to where his progress allows him; and Master Spirits come to Earth and all for all the Spirit of Truth. To this and it�s announced and promised antichrist, they unknown them, disfiguring the One and not recognizing the other but as a theory, what Jesus said, that �he�d come back and repeat his words�, which he accomplished. The Spirit of Truth came and with him the Antichrist and called a Judgment and sentenced men and Spirits, although there were no theosophists.

KNOW YOURSELF. - APPENDIX.- THE JUDGMENT OF REASON.- Physiology, fisiognosia, ethnology and ethics.

For ATRIL, the revelations in resume tell us that:


�Will these events occur until April 5 of 2012 or another unknown date? �But we�re already in the moment of birth.!

Such revelations are contained in the books of Master Joaqu�n Trincado, that are the ones that make his School and not the institution called Magnetic- Spiritual School of the Universal Commune (EMECU or EME de la C.U. by it�s initials in spanish).

�And a star will fall and take one third of the Earth and two thirds of humanity�.- Juan (in the apocalypse).

�And new skies will appear new lands and new Sun�.- Isaiah.

�The anxiety, uncertainty, the agony of all humanity, ends until today�s century�.

Judgment, yes; end of world, no. Though it will seem like it, because great continents will disappear and new ones will surge. But at last, it�s the final judgment for the terrestrial humanity, not only for the living or embodied, but for disembodied, and which are judging and this final judgment will be for embodied and disembodied, the day April 5 of 1912, that corresponds to the month 7 of the day 16 of year one, of the new era, that starts in September 20 of 1911, year 5671 of Adam.

It�s only left in these moments that the stone or star that was shown to Juan in the Apocalypse falls, that when touching Earth, drags a part of it and succumb all that have the signal of the beast 666 in front, that, in it�s moment new lands and skies will appear shone by Jacob�s Sun.

�...the Spirit of Truth, that governs Earth like all worlds of light and progress of it�s plane, since the day of sentence of it�s judgment.�

The realization of revelations will be executed by the Spirit of Truth with collaboration of:

1.- The Master Spirit in charge of the planet Earth, called Chipilin.
2.- The spirits of nature, called Beauty and Love
3.- The elemental spirits, called Bliss, Fire, Earth, Wind and Water.
4.- The disembodied spirits, belonging to the planet Earth.
5.- The embodied spirits, belonging to the planet Earth.

They work by increasing the seismic activity that drives plate tectonics, volcanoes, super volcanoes, changing climate and inclination Earth's axis, so that the birth is in the centimeter, gram and second precise place the second moon in the right place.

The two suns will be reflected in the two moons which will clear the darkness of humanity, to enter fully into its seventh day, finally establishing the Commune of Universal Love in the 742 centuries (74, 200 years), that detract from the world Earth ground that their children run all the knowledge that the world Earth offers as a good mother, whose term is broken down and enriched with chunks (meteorites) and cosmic dust to other planets and worlds of the solar system and the Milky Way to which we belong (because nothing dies or is wasted) and its people as free spirits triumphant march at work and love to form a comet, arriving as free spirits to the planet that awaits humanity land in the constellation of Orion, in which 25 % of free spirits incarnated first in the plant kingdom, men and women born hundreds of thousands in the appropriate places, becoming the planet in a world at the time, which was already prepared to develop the mineral, vegetable and animal a degree above the Earth world, for most free spirits of mankind developed land, with the support of master spirits.

The spirits are primitive mankind fated to occupy the planet Earth was a total of 2,000,000,000,000 (two billion) of spirits.

59 centuries ago there were added 3,500,000,000 (three thousand five hundred million) banished from the world of spirits Neptune.

A minority (number unknown ATRIL) of 2,000,003,500,000 (two billion three thousand five hundred million) of spirits were banished from the world Earth, in the final trial held on April 5, 1912.

From April 5 of 1912 until now, the spirits that disembodied and failed their last existence in this world Earth (unknown number by ATRIL), were banished, to worlds of atonement, primitive or more delayed than the Earth.

Actually embodied spirits exist (people) for approximately 7, 500, 000, 000 (seven thousand five hundred million).

With the birth of the new moon, that will give origin to new earths, skies and sun, it�s known that two thirds of embodied spirits; will disembody in an approximate number of 5, 000, 000, 000 (five thousand millions); from which some will be banished to atonement, primitive, or more delayed than the Earth and others will reincarnate in this world Earth regenerated. One third of embodied spirits will survive in an approximate number of 2, 500,000,000 (two thousand five hundred million) to establish THE COMMUNE.

All of us in spirit know it but subconsciously and still consciously much of us accelerate the march of events with our thoughts, words, actions and omissions, like supremacy, fear, hate, barbarism, war, deviation of sex, drugs; the exploitation of art, science and technique for destruction and domination of man, etc�; which for it can�t be remediated being irreversible these events, that we started to amend by recognizing us like brothers, all the habitants of the world, with acts of solidarity and good thoughts, before catastrophes that we witness, with plagues, inundations, earthquakes, hurricanes, cyclones, nuclear leaks; having the help of inhabitants of the solar system and seven and a half nebulae, that compose the first plane to which we belong.


ATRIL group proposes all investigative community from all branches of knowledge, the law of reflections that says �like is up it is down� and proof scientifically that:

1.- The climatic change is happening mostly because world Earth is about to give birth to her second daughter (moon), similar to the childbirth of a woman, in this century, augmenting heat and dilatation of the world, that already broke the fountain augmenting the rains by the melting of icebergs, augmenting the sea�s level, overflowing the rivers y drainage, causing floods.

2.- The modifications rush with help of modern technology, like atomic energy, Project Haarp, Project Blue Deam, between others the inclination of the terrestrial axis, the most recent occurred in March 11 from 2011, are originated by the accommodation of the new moon, for the enlighten to be given in centimeter, gram and second, that the second moon is placed precisely.

3.- When distribution of Earth�s mass is modified, with two moons, the second with a weight of a third of the actual Earth�s weight, by effects of magnetism the Earth with it�s two moons will ascend (because Earth is lighter with the birth of the second moon) and amplify it�s orbit (the worlds in it�s orbit never pass by the same place, due spiral movement, attraction of other worlds of the Milky Way and Andromeda) in new spaces (skies) so the celestial map will change; the rotation of Earth will accelerate, the inclination of the axis will be perpendicular to the new orbit, much bigger and less elliptic) which will give an almost eternal spring and with the light of Zion (world with at least four Suns) that is the new sun, that added to our Sun, will lighten this world Earth and in the nights with two moons will have less darkness.

4.- Our world Earth will seem like other, because new earths (continents) will emerge from the Pacific Ocean, so much of the actual continents will be sunk by the water evicted of the seas, and other lands will come out together with the slag that make the second moon.

For the corresponding calculations sciences count with much information, about the Milky Way, Zion (badly called Sirius), world Earth, moon, Sun and it�s system, the moves they do, their characteristics, part of that is noted in the apart of SECOND MOON OF PLANET EARTH, of this same page.


Earthly brethren, let us reason like men trills that are composed of spirit, soul and body, which are our micro universe, knowing that death does not exist (since there is only eternal life, and continuing), and that the disembodied (die) leave our body, disintegrates that in atoms but doesn�t die and our spirit with it�s archive of experience that leads recorded in the soul (fifth essence matter) but soul and spirit are still alive, and later reincarnated in another body and continue our progress in that world Earth regenerated or exiled in worlds of atonement, primitive or even more backward.

4. BIBLIOGRAPHY: (separations put by group ATRIL)

some of these books can be checked in the page (in Spanish)



Here we are, roughly, to the point of departure of the spirit, where after his big fights, falls and renewals, into the light where it came from and it is his entire universe. Efforts will not blind materialism! The souls do not die; the art does not die either. All meet its end sooner or later and will make you to be great, but I endeavor to be microscopic. It took one, one thousand, one hundred or a thousand million per arrived centuries, only you have lost, because most have struggled for not wanting to take the path that is pointed, but after this life and the Earth will not return until they are complied with the justice of these doctrines, this law of love, and the courts will, for its day, the same justice, because it has come and face of the earth will be renewed, in testimony, disappearing continents old and new ones appearing the bottom of the seas, in which evil can not even placed his feet in the fire.


Open and read: �The sun creeps behind everything that belongs to it�s affinity and speeds so appalling that we can only compare with the departure of light.

Consider some examples: the distance from the Sun to the Earth, has been appreciated and not denied, but that all astronomers agree in 37,000,000 leagues, as measured by the time it takes to get light. Light, we know that walking at a speed 77,000 leagues per second, which checks the designated distance, because it takes to reach us sunlight 8 minutes and 13 seconds.

The Sun. The star that pulls us, I went several times (and no one will deny without denying Kepler, who said the point of a star, who finally found the telescopes) from the Sun get frequent visits and communications from two great masters are signed Schubis and Hebis. We have registered in, (I've registered because my explorations I always accompanied the seer Jos� Gonz�lez) have been major parts of the continents and cities and say, that these are beautiful, harmonious with large gardens that the system is communal Law and Love, that traction and locomotion strength is the power (not dynamic) and their vehicles are approximate to ours, but the materials weigh much less, that large gatherings and festivals are held to the light, Meaning, uncovered, and recites in such meetings where entrancing music sublimate feelings no more nor less rights, that all are wise in terms of age and is based astronomy. Schubis asked the teacher to show me a chemical laboratory and was shown to me, surprising, although very perfect, the very forms of our equipment, which made me cry, but Schubis said: "One is the law and is therefore a the effect"; but look for the essence, the principle of the law and the principles tested here receive. And tell the brothers of the Earth, that if, here is the life of their plants and enliven your body vibrations, it is because it is law, that life is received from the life and the sun, life center governing their worlds cannot be killed or burned as firewood, and that only real life being, essence of the essence itself, "the man.� I tell thee, and he knows humanity. Astronomy as a principle stating that as enough of hypothesis.

Sirius ..., distance from Earth 869,804 times the distance from Earth to the Sun, or 22 light years, which measure 33,181,748,000,000 leagues.

Zion, (1) Full of bias is the name of humanity. More so that my brothers of the Earth, they are prepared to further explanation and in order to get the first glimpse of life-giving light, say a few words in this world of perfection, but still not perfect. Astronomy, you cannot deny anything and you're cold to say, but if the revelation of the telescope you add your right, leave early to make assumptions and it axiomatic statements are required.

(1) Zion, which is what astronomy calls Sirius and has to give it this name because all worlds call it like that.

Zion�, the great Zion. City of light sang always and never understood, though always revealed. Today is the day that the Earth will know you.

Yes, Earthly brothers: Zion is the city of light, because it is the seat of the court of the first plane. First, for us, because we belong there.

Zion is situated in the Milky Way�s center, (so it seems) to which correspond other nebulae of it�s category that form the first plane of the cosmogony, the principle of progress.

Zion is a perfectly material world and governed like all by the same law; but it�s grade of perfection, makes it the sun of the first plane progressive of the cosmogony, like the sun governs it�s system and depends of Zion, like all the systems of the nebulae of this plane, and Zion, of another center, other plane, that one of another, and so to the infinity, but living all the same and only law, so no one, nowhere, is alien to the progress, nor foreign.

Zion, is the center of light of our plane and there they have their home the court of God Love, that decree and make happen the mandates of the supreme law, in each world at it�s hour.

In Zion, reside messiahs from all the worlds of this part of cosmogony and has it�s tribune in the city of this name that is in the meridian and where the night doesn�t exist, in the meaning of the word.

The auroras in Zion� How to describe them when the colored sparks of it�s Suns arrive? The spirit comprehends and science senses; but Earth doesn�t have material to paint it; the rainbow, is a black line compared to those auroras.

The disembodied and the embodied, live confused and watch and talk, to each other, because in perfection and love they equate; but existences are so large in embodied, that women give birth to a hundred children in her existence; their year, is thirty six of the Earth.

Their physical, is the same in an all to the Terrestrials, but their matter is so transparent that their organism functions and the formation of the fetus can be seen across their body; the dressing is subtle and in form of a wide tunic, but material (don�t think it�s fluidic) and it�s name came to us: it�s called �Cendal�. Their politic organization is the commune and no one is richer than anyone else. Everyone works and everyone is wise.

The tribune of the councils of government where the messiahs meet under the anchor of the Spirit of Truth that governs those councils, I have seen it. In it I received my position like Jesus and Juan got it, just like Abraham and Moses. Like messiahs of all worlds get it. The Spirit of Truth is counselor of superior councils of other planes to which he responds to the call, taking with him the Earth�s archive like the ones of all the worlds of the plane at his charge.

That is Zion, described from a stroke, in which my spirit lives and converses, and from which master spirits that have taken flesh in Earth have descended, imposing themselves the mission of implanting love that there is law as in all the universe.

Schuwit, told us: We go and we take off; soon we find our guides and they signaled a different path from the one we took and they put us on a beautiful world of fragrances and color, with two harmonious suns, one violet and the other gold, that made a pleasant contrast; the color of the fine vegetation is orange- green, and the oxygen is embalmer; soft lakes of rhythmical moves, packed of flowers; not too big trees with beautiful fruits are everywhere; there our spirits enjoyed ineffable sweetness; but� only birds of colorful plumage break the silence; we were put over some animals ( similar to geese) and were transported in fast flight from one part to another of a charming lake. The Master of spaces, that is the Spirit of Truth, told me: �Here�s the reward of the Father to the triumphant of the Earth, after the seventh day; Humanity hasn�t sprouted here that has to be animated by spirits of greater grade of perfection of the Earth, to receive after the emigration, after the seventh day; these will be your animal servant�; is walking from Zion. We descended and found amazed and happy our brothers, so by our bodies we communicated from those remote regions, from Orion�s nebulae. They didn�t give me its name and for respect, I didn�t ask for it.

This map of Sirius, really called ZION, in June 2 of 2009 appeared in the webpage, to may 4 of 2011, no longer appears, just the information of the theme: The Mystery of the Star Sirius.


Like there are superior worlds like the described, there are inferior ones. The ones for the reward and the others for the study. But it�s not the Father who gives it, but the law that resides in ourselves; it takes us to which we won in the six days of work, or epics that every world has, for what the law signals the end of the sixth day, a liquidation of accounts, which is announced since many centuries ago. This is what in Earth you call the judgment, or end of world.

Judgment, yes; end of world, no. Though it will seem like it, because great continents will disappear and new ones will surge. But at last, it�s the final judgment for the terrestrial humanity, not only for the living or embodied, but for disembodied, and which are judging and this final judgment will be for embodied and disembodied, the day April 5 of 1912, that corresponds to the month 7 of the day 16 of year one, of the new era, that starts in September 20 of 1911, year 5671 of Adam.

But already separated the sheep from the lambs; spirits have been already judged and the ones of progress and the ones who have followed the law populate spaces of Earth and wait the moment of taking flesh again to keep with the work on Earth until it�s relative perfection and spirits of light incarnate to fill the empty spaces of the sciences and enjoy during the seventh day of the Earth where they have worked, until all humanity that has followed the law of Love and Justice, elevates to the wisdom and then, will emigrate in masses to the planet in a perfect formation, for the grade of progress of terrestrials and� Earth will transform.

For all the judgment has been done, in a signed act before the Councils of Zion that have confirmed.


The moment to show to the blind humanity has come, that nature recognize equal rights all men, and that the time has come for them to cover in their breast the blood splattered on the Earth, covering it with the waters and purifying it with the fire of it�s bowels and elements and, in a note I hear in few years after this writing, the spirits of nature joined to the ones of elements, will put in action their imminent forces and will sink in minutes, those potent brackets, in the bottom of the seas and will sweep away the cortex of great continents, taking all that exists in them and will stay in a limestone state for many centuries.

The bad advertised and feared Antichrist, knows where this will happen; but it�s the Judge and nothing has to tell to the men, but that it�s an act of justice and this must be done.

The Judge of love, in his love, only tells humanity that everything is judged and sentenced, and that three generations in order of age of who�s live on Earth are blind of will, and it�s had on them to presence the facts and open the eyes of their conscience, because their sentence is signed. There�s no intermediate place like it was until today, because it was inside the law. Today: or in Earth and in spaces of it, in light, or outside of the planet and it�s spaces, in the blindness that must be cured in the worlds of forge.


37.- The law of justice ( rigorous index of creation) makes it�s work without making a humane catastrophe, like the actual world war; or an hecatomb, like the Martinica�s, Messina�s and San Francisco, or when Atlantis sank, elevating another continent like America; or Earth has a childbirth and a satellite like the one that illuminates our nights is born. This will be repeated again in law of Justice, ipso facto.

38.- Certain is that these cataclysms are in law; if men did their duty, were civilized and so, wise, will not be ignored and will be waited. What is expected, doesn�t cause fear although it causes pain, that is the law�s proposal, because just by the pain instincts, antagonisms and passions are dominated and in that status, men fall in prostration, and in their impotence they call the Father and recognize their errands. Watch here how the law of Justice in it�s maximum rigor, is the maxim love.

89.- One is the law. Earth is today in liquidation of accounts with Creation. 58 centuries ago, a brethren planet, suffered that liquidation, the law doesn�t disinherit anyone. Put each one in their place, according to their grade of progress and their affections. That, can only be, transporting them to other worlds, which are the homes that Jesus talked about, before written in the Sanskrit, and repeated by Mosses and Isaiah, and ultimately described and portrayed by the Dante.

90.- From that world there were banished millions of spirits, by bad- doers and delinquent and they were destined to the Earth, where they suffered the contraction that we all suffered, and if in a moment we found ourselves transferred from the beauty and commodity of modern cities, to live the life of caverns of first tribes, having conscience of the beauty that we lost.

217.- That tremendous night of Earth�s humanity was being absorbed by the liberty always crescent, and lasted already 44 millions 999, 200 centuries (1) and Earth marked in it�s role, already 800 centuries, to come to it�s development, as life which it carried in law of justice.

(1) That is the true sum of centuries, consumed by the primitive. Affirmation that we do because some, very subtle, have been advertised like an �errand� in some books in which the fraction of hundred thousand rounded. In actuality we add the 57 centuries of Adam and Eve and count 44, 999, 257 centuries that the man is in Earth.

ATRIL�S NOTE: from April 5 of 1912 until today we add one more century.

582.- � So the Father says by Isaiah: �And will the new lands, new heavens and the new sun appear�

583.- This change, first announced by Elijah in the words and singing, sacramentally, the Catholic Church in the "Et Terrae Fatiem renovavis" Do you think it will be "as blowing and making bottles"? I said in prehistoric times, what happened to father the man and if I do not have to beget, because a law is just the man (from that fact), which has this power, if you have land to do the same effort to throw it just right, math and geography, to her second child. Science may, on the wobble beodical has to cause that effort. In vain will choose this or that degree, this or that region, it is wise to abide by and enter into the law, before that moment, that one needs to but will be followed by the seventh touch that will give the Antichrist Santiago, being fall, Babylon the great; so no one will prevent, or anyone, dodge.

584.- How will the Earth change? To which elevation in the Ether it would have ascended? Which and how much will be the new earth�s that will be discovered? What area and from which part of the earth that we have today will be sank by the ascendant earths? There�s no mystery, no! But Justice silences and tells everyone: �Be prepared like if you had to be judged already by the Law of Freedom�. And the Antichrist Santiago already mentioned it in his Universal Letter.

881.- When will anxiety, uncertainty and agony end? I already mentioned how it will end: with the establishing of the Great Love of the Commune. It�s precise to say too, that anxiety, uncertainty and agony will end, when Commune is established, in a Code of Universal Love. When? ... I must confess, I haven�t shaken in the entire book, though my mind has arrived to the Vibrations Center, not even when I�ve had to confirm the number 867. But here, yes. Here my pen shakes, because my soul shakes, because my spirit shakes, before the clear mathematic deduced from the 57 auscultated centuries and before the magnitude of the affirmation that �Anxiety, uncertainty, agony of all humanity, ends this century�. �But before the end, Commune will be in it�s peak in all the world�. My shakes have stopped, and I say that this affirmation won�t belie the law; or the prophecies; or Jesus; or the Spirit of Truth. The Antichrist Santiago will confirm it and the Creator will affirm it.

883.- 90 years were signaled and gave to transition, when the 36 centuries marked in Abraham�s Testament have been accomplished; and if the world had to be in anxiety, in uncertainty and agony of today, it would be like 90 centuries. The human body doesn�t have the resistance to subsist. That date, isn�t the one of commune�s establishment. That date is in which all Earth will be able to sing the Hymn of the winner, because in it there won�t be any other being out of law. Justice would have picked up all grains and burnt all the hay; and before the universe and with him, will call the Earth�s man Elo�, to inaugurate the renewed earth, to bless the weddings of love and seal the age majority.

884.- The work that will be made is great; much greater than the one realized until now, because in those weddings, nothing can be missed and preparative require much years of peace, much years of healthy education, much years of study and testing of new equipment, that have to be replaced for the dignified life of cult, civilized and wise men, to not be unworthy of the great hosts that must accompany and visit our new lands, skies and to enlighten with our new sun.

891.- � The delayed Spain, disposes that by it�s own Bank, deliver themselves to the circulation five hundred million of pesetas, for their industries to not fall. Does Spain know that money won�t be worthy later? ... For today, take it�s example and a crisis will be conjured and carry what doesn�t matter, (after making it the price of conscious people); carry, I say, those remains to the port of Cadiz, that Spain opens French, and that there�s reciprocity, without looking the lied worth of money, because the only worth are men.

905.- Because, responding to the call, Jacob stood up, and went to where law ordered him too, so earths and skies renew, with a new sun; it will confirm that the Father redeemed without money, was slave without a price, as promised and man in happiness will extend this

The Universe solidarized.
The World all, communed.
The Law is one: The Substance one.
One is the beginning: one is the end.
Everything is Spiritual Magnetism.
Joaqu�n Trincado.


Second Chapter, Paragraph V, Point second.- Natural Spirits

To know that, in the Universe, everything is spirit; but know, that once a world is formed and from its very first moment, there�s a master to which the supreme law gives charge of that world, with index of all things that in it must be produced: minerals, vegetables, animals, until the man; and historic dates of evolutions, cataclysms, hecatombs; everything at last, that is related to the existence of this world. That Chief spirit has to his service, infinite legions, that work as the law of Creation dictates in that world.

For this, the world in formation travels by the spaces charging with life and germs of the beings that will produce; from the warmth that will constitute it�s greater or lesser movement.

When it has all the necessary for it�s life centuries and productions tat will give, it�s subjected to it�s orbit, to signal the days and nights, that will be greater or lesser as it�s volume and rotation on its axis; and the periods of circulation around it�s generating Centre, or Sun.

When waters produced by the cool down of its gases have dried, because, inside it and as it involves, it carries incandescent the spark or Particle of life, that got as a fetus, from its Father in matter, the Sun; when waters dry, I repeat, the first possible vegetation begins to produce, to dry more and woody remains get bigger; then with the animal remains and with solid particles that receives from other worlds that disintegrated by accomplishing it�s mission; so the creation of that world keeps on, producing and reproducing species, until the last germ that inside it locked, in material and irrational.

When the moment arrives, the master spirit knows that the most transcendent arrives: the apparition of man; and prepares everything (that isn�t the same in all worlds), according to the worlds: embryonic, primitive or of atonement. The same is for these, that for all others of perfection; exist identical laws with difference in justice for the beauty of each world, by it�s category. The same act is done (in the corresponding grade) to give birth to the man for first time, in that world.

Man has already appeared. Beauty will continue. That good brother that stays always as master of the world, in his nature, to follow by law, with his hosts, preparing for men all the arsenal of appropriate materials; even the poison and bullets with which they�ll kill each other because of their ignorance and they are ungrateful with who made such a wonderful thing to produce the man; but Elo� doesn�t worry; he knows that everyone will stop being children and will love each other, because that is His Mandate; and everyone, at last, do it.

Now to the brother Love (with that name he stands in front of me and shows himself and answers me), a thankless task, but funnier: to scare the playful children, moving their cradle, or showing a fire tongue on the top of peaks, or elevating a wave and taking away the filth of a city dragging it to the sea, or sinking a continent in the water, to stop the fire of passions, or putting really high lanterns, where the boys don�t reach with their stones the crystals, meaning: the moons or satellites that form and aren�t anything else than slag, that are going out of the oven and hinder. When dropping them, it�s natural that a balance in the basket is produced and about a million of men fall to the water, because of walking bad. Forgive my jocular tone in this moment, which is the one that scared the most and caused to the presumed of being machos and aren�t even men, because they still shake.

Second Chapter, Paragraph V, Third Point.- The Elemental Spirits.

� Bliss, that is how the respectable Brother, Chief of the Elements is called, that is obligated by justice, to make misery to the unruly, with the biggest Love, because, in extreme cases, Love and Bliss unite, to make the Creator�s authority be respected, because the order is at their charge.

You know already from this two classes of spirits: classified by their mission, not because they�re from a distinct nature of our spirits, but because they work in their reigns, according to law and despite the impotence of the man, and serve themselves (because it is in their power), with the body of humans and animals, if so should be. Generally, elemental and natural spirits work together and, they are who, accomplishing justice, elevate mountains and sink them, making a sea surge where a mountain was and a mountain where thousands of water were, staying so cool. They accomplished the law.

They have the index of the events that shall happen and have always everything prepared to work at the voice of �Now!� that the law of justice gives, when the hour is marked in the universal clock.

I�ll say, at last that from this two brothers: Love and Bliss, that they�re never alien to the great happenings of the nations; here�s the secret of much defeats of armies that were before invincible and the immersion of invincible squads and from that, already in the Earth, just because the history they�ll know the happy men of the Commune.

SECOND PART, Fourth Chapter, THE CREATION; Paragraph I.- THE CREATION OF WORLDS, Point Third: The world in it�s first birth when it had the Moon, until the apparition of the Man.

The moment has been signaled in it�s infallible chronometer and releases the sealed forces and ... The World bursts in pieces, falling in it�s bowels all the moving beings and semi- moving, 1 coming out of the earth and carrying by gravity force, a half piece and heavy to the just law, that will stand where the magnetic force of it�s progenitor, the Earth, dominates it and drag it, serving as a reflector when sun retires from a hemisphere; it�s the Moon which lightened the troubles of man from the moment of it�s birth in the bowels of Mother Earth ...


Paragraph ten; Ran like that the man, more than 44 millions of centuries, wrapping himself even more in passions. Earth kept in it�s bowels the treasures of it�s forces, that couldn�t keep anymore, even it expelled continuously; but Earth itself knew that the end of it�s term was near and the universal spirit claimed it�s intervention and received in it�s floor a family, banished from a world that came to it�s majority; Neptune; yes they were supremacist, wise, proud and in number of three thousand five hundred millions fell, embodying in a brief century, covering the earth to serve as a bed for the generation that would come as a missioner family, that would begin with Adam and Eve, which first son, Set, from the same missioners, would gave the first law and which spirit is the same that animates the body which gives us the law of Love.


The only �universal flood� that the Earth had, is the one I signaled in the birth of Earth to produce later the man and from the birth where the Moon came from. It was then when great mountains where formed, that ascended from the bottom of the seas and Continents sank. There it is the cause that in the Himalaya, the White and other elevated peaks remains of sea habitants can be found, as you can find in the Moon.

After all this, there just have been partial moves; little sinking and risings; the one of Atlantis, was the highest that Earth had until today�s that I wait for and look forward to, because it�s the arrival of the Father to give us peace and freedom to his Servant. (It�s already started when this book goes to press, with Japan�s, Colombia�s� etc catastrophes).

If the Promised Land had been Palestine; it was already in possession and they couldn�t loose it, because the same prophecy says �You�ll have it forever� namely, when planet Earth exists and many other promises that weren�t met there because that wasn�t the Promised Land. It was just a resting place, for them to extend their population around the world and multiply themselves and recast in their race, to all races. That�s why Spain had to discover these islands, because in that nation concentrated all the force of Israel�s population, and Americus Vespusio was one of the great captains of the ancient population; was Josue, successor of Moses which sent him to take the Promised Land.

Also in this see justice and wisdom and accomplishment of the promise of the Father, because he took himself this land, that being Moses he told him: �Go take the Promised Land�.

It�s only left in these moments that the star or stone falls that was shown to Juan in the Apocalypse, that when crashing the Earth, will drag a part of it and succumb all the ones that have in their fronts the signal of the 666 beast, that in it�s moment new lands and new skies will appear, lightened by Jacob�s Sun. A new Moon, that I wait for every instant, because today everything is for us finished and they tell us: �Be prepared, because everything is�, and we�re already `prepared, waiting and giving man the final law. Who rejects us?...


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�And a Star that will take a third of the Earth and two thirds of humanity will fall�.- Juan (in the Apocalypse).

�And Earth will be renovated�.- Elias.

�And new Skies, Lands and Sun will appear�.- Isaiah.

�Because Judgment will be done without mercy to who didn�t gave it�.- Santiago Apostle of Spain (in his Universal Card).

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... just with the conscious and serene look of the Population, awaken by their own effort, because of their Spirit�s light, by their reason developed in the progressive work, by their desire of hugging each other as brothers, with which judgment asked An Executive Judgment to the Creator, the one that can�t ignore the orders of justice and hears them, and made a Definitive Judgment to men and Spirits, ordering that THE BEAST AND THE DRAGON WERE EVICTED AND CHAINED; and when they felt the cold of the chain on their necks, bellowed furiously and called all it�s angers, broke the resistance wisely put by the Creator in the Balkans, with Mohammedanism, to avoid the crash of the two poles, of the Aryans, Vedas and Buddhist, with the Christian and Catholic, and broken that resistance you see the consequence: the two extremes touched and the SHORT- CIRCUIT is terrible; the hates don�t find a way or measure to attenuate; but the Law of Divine Justice will find it, even if it has to sink the Venues and Tiaras of all those Gods that, if each one has a vice, the Catholic God has everyone�s and the innumerable that got in the hate of all of them, and so say it, if it isn�t true, all the other Religions of the East and even the Christians, Protesting, Schismatic, Armenian, Greek and Orthodox, that none of them is just or good, even they�re better than the Catholic one, which, by an unusual deception, asked and appropriated of all rites and theologies of all, under the promise of unifying them by an only Code that they still wait for, since year 325; but in exchange, they received the weapons of the hallucinated and assassin of their father in law and parents, the Emperor Constantine, first Catholic Emperor, obedient to the first Council ( that mixes the name), and took, the gallows- cross, as a redeeming weapon, Christianly, to crucify all the human genre.

Page 53.

For all the exposed, the Divine Justice, in a definitive and final judgment, decreed the disappearance of all evil that afflicts the workers, for which tolerated the lusts until he accumulated all the material that served for oppression and is burning in worldwide conflagration, after which, will erase all the stain that deform the Earth, covering the waters and ice, because, Earth, has to enter in new planes (new Skies says the prophecy), that atmosphere doesn�t admit miasma of passions of war and in addition, just like that will disappear that causes, Religion and Governments feuds of them; but thee shall see the causes, the demolition of their building founded in lies; that�s the final sentence.

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Hurry up: it�s the time, because the Sun of Justice already shines.


PROLOGUE, fifth paragraph.

� And this time imposed the Code of Love, last law that�s given to Earth�s humanity and she repealed all the previous laws, including the Sinai�s and the 24 books of the Bible, that are the Twenty four Apocalyptical Elders; because all had accomplished their period of instruction and progress; and who dictated or resumes today in the only proclamation of �Love your Brother�, and declares that life�s one and eternal; law�s one and immutable; and family one too in the infinite universe, whose author is Elo�; the only and alone performer, the spirit his consubstantial, ab- and coeternal with Him and in Him.



Today, the men that can think about something, (and there are few) know that world doesn�t have fixes, but changing it all, but not as started in Russia. And, the �Spiritism in it�s seat�, is the lever that can put humanity in a fixed road map without defeat, in the change that Law requires.

Read it, study it, deepen your principles with eagerness and without prejudices and agony will end and just like that the peace will be reached, because every man will be pacified in his consciousness.

If each one fails to achieve it, how will you shelter a chimerical hope, of settling the peace in the world?

The lie, dominated by terror; truth, will govern by Love and no one will stop it, because the spirit shall accomplish the inexorable mandate of the Creator her Father, for which is ripped the twilight.

Yes; brother man! Read, deepen and declare (by your consciousness) if you want to keep being an obstacle for the progress; in the case of that, prepare, because this wheel crushes the one that doesn�t enter in it�s gears; if you happily declare yourself a progress worker, shake your lethargy; awaken and march on the way that law signals and pick all the stagnant or hurt and help them, because from today, there�s nothing else than this mandate: �Love your brother�; from else� the law of Justice has been given orders; and soon, very soon, even Nature, will demonstrate it � (1)

And read, study and check without fear; doubt but don�t deny; criticize but don�t slander.


Buenos Aires, June 23 from 1919.

(1) The suspension points locked the demonstrations that nature had as orders to call man to recognize the Law.

From that date until the second edition is edited, minus the fatal and final blow, everything has accomplished; until the 40 wars and the face of world will be changed; finding ourselves also, in the last instance of progress of humanity. We�re in �The Year of Appeals�.

SECOND PART, CHAPTER I: Enemies of spiritism.

Sixth paragraph: The fight started with Adam and Eve and it�s represented in the symbol of Cain and Abel. The number of missioners was 29. The disembodied and embodied belonging to the Earth (that we�ll call primitive), was of Two Billions; plus Three Thousand Five Hundred Million of disapproved people banished from Neptune, that had a Majority Judgment that time; making the fight be seventy thousand million of beings, against each of the 29 missioners; whose, in scarce 57 centuries, present themselves triumphant with majority of redeemed to the Father and come now to rip the twilight to the ones left in their short transition. Would it have been a tough fight?

THIRD PART, CHAPTER IV: Commune is the only regime of spiritism.

I say, men, that is your absolute decree and Earth gave it, by Abraham, father of missioners, 40 centuries ago, for men to be prepared and comes, because, he decree for all worlds the commune, after their age majority; after the final judgment; and this was celebrated, giving a transition to the three existent generations in the Earth, in which time all will be renewed. But will it be today? Tomorrow? The judge came to presence it: but day and hour, is just in the secret of all design, in which no one penetrates. But it will rejuvenate the face of Earth; will erase all the lines that make the man alien from one side to another; new lands, skies and sun will appear. And he himself will establish the commune. How? You know that we�re in the date of the event and He is the proprietary and comes without asking for permission. But the Judge he sent already gave the Book of Life. In it are enrolled the redeemed and the Spirit of Truth all confirmed with his name.

So be, always prepared to receive your father Eloi and that he surprise us with the lights off.

The commune arrives, because it�s an absolute decree from Creator to all the worlds after their majority judgment and no one can help it, because law is in charge of implementing it, with sweetness or severity, as it�s provoked by the detractors of spiritism. That spiritism is omnipotence and universe is all sympathized; so, it isn�t just the work of disembodied and embodied from Earth, but from the Universe, where their omnipotence is born. And at last; that omnipotence is unlimited, because the only master of universal spirit, is the unlimited Creator our Father and commands relentlessly, the establishing of commune, for which he sent a judge, son of the man and he, his minister secretary, master of masters in the first plane: the Spirit of Truth, that already governs Earth as all the worlds of light and progress in his plane, from the day of the judgment sentence.

Now: Will the planet be sane enough to receive it and in it, the Spirit of Truth and Eloi, demonstrated in the new direct light from his vibration centre? Show yourself world as you want; but read Isaiah, for which Elo� promised Jacob for this day, that would remove from Earth everything that interferes. Who interferes? Meditate.


In the beginnings of March of 2011 it was given to know the apparition of two suns in the sky of China, Holland, Puerto Rico, Manchester, Malaga and Bangkok which photographs are found in Google and related videos in Youtube.

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