Joaqu�n Trincado

Universal Love Code, Art. 13.- The song to Sun, must be sang every morning for each individual; but in communal houses, they will do in community and for all the sons of work; the Sun is our first centre and the Earth�s a direct daughter of him, as all the worlds in his system; he comes from Zion, as all the systems and constellations that populate the Milky Way; the logic principle imposes to elevate from effect on effect, to the cause and the man can�t arrive to the generator centre but from a successive scale of derivate centers; the centers or Suns that maintain and drag a system of worlds, proceed from a greater one; that one from another, until the original. The Sun is, our Father in organic life, for so the spirit accomplishes missions from the Creator; it is, the first duty of the man in the Earth, to greet the Father of our matter and to ask for the progress that he enjoys and from him, to elevate even more to the conquer of the wisdom. To the effect, a simple, harmonious and familiar music must be made, for when we wake up; it is heard in all homes and while the children of the active life dispose to the work; it doesn�t mean that everyone have to sing; but we must greet and ask for, with this lyrics:

SONG TO SUNarte: Hctor R. Valdivia
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Star of the day, life and health
Give me joy, happiness and virtue
Oh Hail Father Sun! ...
Govern my actions, to my God.

Crosses the heavens and the center going,
Give me the zeal to go where you go,
You love the Father, I love you,
Because you know, go to Eloi.

See the work, you see the sweat
Of these, your children, bless them.
Whenyou came out the Zion
And lead us in possession.

When the earth, fiery gas,
Even without wake, still lived.
Only you left a haze;
But your power's solid.

The eternal law of affinity,
Earth gave humanity
This long struggled in its infancy
But righteousness, gave us light.

- 2 -

Save Big star
What in your career
Wear life
Thousand worlds
And humanities
That they hold.
In fierce fighting ...
I, and I conquered! ...

Loving father
Fortunate son
The great Hellier,
Because you enclose
And you're fertile
Of life and strength ...
Give it to me! ...

You than plants
The fertilize
And bring the fruits
Seed ...
The man is a plant;
It is a shrub ...
Make fruit
To Eloi! ...

You that to the mountains
Light crowns
And to the flowers
Give aromas ...
Because men
The rich roses ...
odors give them
By Eloi! ...

You who in your rays
The day he announced
And they pronounce
The God of love ...

Gives our souls
The sacred fire
What in your Tufts
Put Eloi! ...

- 3 -

You who apportion
The life and light
In your effluvia,
And we are sad
Cloudy days ...
Make my heart light
By Eloi! ...

You who shine
The whole earth
As home
That is just one
Bless, Father,
In your rising
The Commune
By Eloi! ...

Well, at birth
You bless us
And we predict
Our high end
Ignites in flames
Divine Love
That is the way
That will Eloi!
That will Eloi

Author: Joaqu�n Trincado
Music and arrangement: F�lix Hern�ndez Santiago
and Jos� Lu�s Alcazar Herrera
Voice: Carlos Ch�vez �lvarez

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