Joaqu�n Trincado

Universal Love Code Art. 19.- Song to Mary queen of love and mothers. This song holds all the cuteness and love of the mothers and all the heroism and greatness of the humanity, in it�s true filiations of �Sons of ELOI�: Mary es our mother Eve and is known by one or other name in all Earth and summonned by all mothers when they give birth to their children. She�s mother in all the law like all other women by job of male and was in the existence that she was Mary, mother of seven children being the first Jesus and the last Jaime or Santiago apostle of Spain, in which arms expired that body that suffered so much for humanity, depositing in her child the last kiss of love of mother, for this to give to the humanity of his loves; kiss that vitalizes the souls and gives to his brothers today in this Code the feared Antichrist; and all who wants to receive him, that will be redeemed in the love of ELOI by who was given and in his name I give.

Here the poets and musicians must inspire in the coo and cuteness of the mothers and in the pure love of ELOI to sing to the �Queen of Love�, of the mothers and mother of all humanity.

Much has been sang during the sixth day; but it has been to denigrate her making her the �Mother of God� and �by the Saint Spirit�s doing�, what made out of the general law of the beings: this has made her suffer to her lover spirit until the day of Justice when it was justified by the Spirit of Truth and the Cosmogony and declared �Queen of Love, Mother in all Law�

There are sublime songs worthy of her, quitting the mysticism and absurd epithets of �Virgin� and �Mother of God�, with which dignifies her husband Jos�, father with her of their seven children, plus five that he gave her as wedding gifts, were previously with his first companion D�bora and this consideration will be quite a lot to undo the supposed contemplative life that the wrong of the dogmatic religion attributed her, because a bride of 16 years old, that is with five children, her husband and her seven and before a year she gets in her arms Jesus, will give just the idea to the mothers of the great work of young Mary, and will understand if she can take some time in mystical life, though because of her spirit�s elevation and great mission, were in the pressence of the Father.

After Jesus� death, in which the Great Mother got saturated of salvation ideas; and spread the Apostles by the nations to continue the great work of the martyr of G�lgota, which cooperated like it corresponded to her characteristics of Mother and Mission, lacking of the warmth and filial love, passed the Mediterranean and went in search of her other son Jaime which predicated in Spain and was found in Salduba, today Zaragoza, near the banks of Ebro river and in arms of her son, she found the comfort, life and love that lacked until the day of her death, leaving in that honest Spain that many years comforted her and loved her, her purified matter, in reward of the love that in it�s women she found and with which, her example and advice grew and affirmed and promised and accomplishes, that she would be with them until the end of the centuries.

Here, the Judge Father, can just greet his mother and leaves the poets and especially the beloved mothers and young lovers that sing her their lullabies and love; in the principles enumerated in this article.

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Of Earth and its creatures
And sun of eternal day
Of Earth and its creatures
And in his name, my mother,
Ave Mary.

Neptune went down also and Eva
And with Adam brought a new day
Humanity that marked the new era
Love, freedom and justice.
And in his name, Ave Mary.

The love and the value that you were bringing
Exemplified in mothers heroines
Of slaves became
And they learned and everyday heroes
And in his name, Ave Mary.

Your virtue and smell the world ran
And in two thousand years back in Bhaac
Helli Abraham gives his concert
And it makes us heirs of his justice
And in his name, Ave Mary.

Jacob founded your town, village life
And I saw the scale and it was no dream;
And although the town was a slave he was freed
For the value you gave to your family.
And in his name, Ave Mary.

Moses wrote the law frees and
And you were the light that guided him
And if transgressed, ignorance is
That blunts that town, but I saw you,
And in his name, Ave Mary.

Did you stay in love as your guide
And in your zeal, your love does not rest
That punishing mother, all his faults
And letting your child see Elijah
And in his name, Ave Mary.

But your love on the people and felt
And the priests were unhappy
They saw that those skills
Justice would close days
And in his name, Ave Mary.

In your heart you took the great Messiah
That you fought tirelessly
And in his free hand he held
And your other son equality and justice.
And in his name, Ave Mary.

And consumed the crime before your eyes
And after a thousand insults were loaded
But sales of the mud vile resplendent
On the day announced by the justice
And in his name, Ave Mary.

In the tremendous day of justice
What brought your son in law
That tried and sentenced to the flock
You were justified by the cosmogony
And in his name, Ave Mary.

The Father is pleased to your greatness;
The Earth loves you with your love
The Spirit of truth, confess your love;
Mothers, and they call you a mother
And they know that Joseph of your children is the Father
And your children, with Jesus who is not a myth
Greet you with his brother the Antichrist.

Author: Joaqu�n Trincado
Music and arrengement: F�lix Hern�ndez Santiago
and Jos� Luis Alc�zar Herrera
Voice: Rafael M�ndez Vargas.

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