Joaqu�n Trincado

Universal Love Code, Art. 11.- The song to Solidarity and Cosmogony is the confession of our recognition of the unity formed between the Worlds of Cosmogony, with us, the men of the Earth, just hatched from the childhood; we have to recognize their love for the prays sent to the Father for us while in our fights of the six days of work; of their teachings in the seventh and their constant love. Solidarity is summoned too, in the union of thoughts of all the sons of the Earth, that because of work could reach the commune. The song will be for the way it follows:

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Worlds that in light swim
Infinite Cities
Beautiful rose garden
Father Of Eternal Love
That law is the basis
That binds you to Benjamin
Spiritism by Creed
Only truth and light.

The Earth is Benjamin
And is in solidarity
With your main spheres
And sing in community
Love and Liberty
And walking in the truths
That these facilities bring
The Spirit of Truth.

Struggled this humanity
Wrapped in black mist;
She rocked in the cradle
And a thousand times perish,
If not give them your love
The value to the messiah
And after Jesus and Mary
The Spirit of Truth.

Since the Earth is in space! ...
Their men study the truth! ...
And is that topaz studded
The vast solidarity.
And children evoke the Father
Sing and love and joy
And they know their range of large
At the junction of the cosmogony.

And you see the unseen
Working in the shadows enveloped
And are not disharmony
In the holy and divine concert.

Those who ignored his order yesterday,
Understand their eternal destiny today
And greet and sing Eloi
At the juncture of Spiritism.

Salve flashes of light
Big worlds of cosmology
Your light, Jesus brought us,
Your love brought us Mary.

And possess Act of Love
And the eternal truth fruimos
That gave the Antichrist and judged
On Earth the Spirit of Truth.

And men joined in joyful
Family and solidarity
And no longer call watery Eloi
Because they enjoy freedom.

Come men in the world, singing
Prove your good and happiness;
Salute in love and unity
And live the cosmogony.

Worlds in light swim
We saw with the Christ
And insulted on the cross ...
And demolish the myths
And join our prayer
For the infinite worlds
Love for God Eloi

Cosmogony Save big!
Sing, sing hosanna to Eloi
And together we raise our joys
The Holy One, the wise and eternal
Author of harmonies that have no end.
That will never end!

Author: Joaqu�n Trincado
Music and arrengement: F�lix Hern�ndez Santiago
and Jos� Luis Alc�zar Herrera
Voice: Rafael M�ndez Vargas.

In the next shot we see the center of the composer Felix Hernandez SANTIAGO, together with Lolita and Fede, in the handicraft market of the Citadel in Mexico City Federal District.

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