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Joaqu�n Trincado

Code of Universal Love 10 .- The evoking of the Creator Spirit inviting him to our joys and celebrations such as Father among his sons, and with him all his advice that represent it, has to take the most solemn and must do all the children of Commune at once in the set time and will in the community hall or the gallery space as available to the Master and is as follows:


Come Holy Spirit One Creator
Father in your children see, hear its song
That happy and our souls we call
Your love is saturated in peace and quiet.

Come infinite worlds
Cleave constellations
Lament the divine songs
And join your prayers.

Tips come from the Father
Bring wisdom
To offer it to my Father
With mine little.

Free Spirits! ... Come
Poets come and sing,
Mills Come, come,
Liras sound! ... Vibrate.

Patriarchs and Prophets, to Adam
From Eve to the first saw light,
Getting strong men like John
And in love with Mary and Jesus.

Mountains and hills, rivers and seas
Forests and sun-drenched gardens
And everything that lives on Mother Earth
Hear and man, call the Creator.

And you, sun shining
That give us life and light ...
This was a wild world
Today it is a gentle slope
And the man and conscious
Father, for you will.

Spirit of Truth that your anchor
Represent the Father and you can go
Center and prayer centers
Their children pick up and drop Eloi.

Come among us and joy
Of land leads to which is the sum
Eternal Love and wisdom
And offer him on behalf of the Commune.

Happy Father's voice heard
From your children on Earth are
And invite you happy for Eva
His mother and father, Adam.

And brought us out of captivity
And we live the holy equality
And we have the rule
Love and Freedom.

We know that Eloi is the heritage
On the testament that gave us Abraham
And your law of love says
On the court the Spirit of Truth.

As we are your treasury ...
Come, Father Eloi
Come and share at the party
In this garden.

You saved your people, Lord ...
Come, bless your inheritance
And the abundance will
In Justice, Peace and Love

Come hear Father and finally
Our prayer conscious
Your children unconscious ...
Have mercy! ... Eloi not know!

Come Creator Spirit
And while you we
In your heritage work
And continuous cry
For a better house.

Let there be peace in our souls
And our spirit is raised to you.
From our love go up flames
Until your throne, for your glory. Oh, Eloi!
Today, for your glory Eloi!

Author: Joaqu�n Trincado
Music and arrengement: F�lix Hern�ndez Santiago
and Jos� Luis Alc�zar Herrera.
Voice: Rafael M�ndez Vargas.

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